~dargosmydaddy's a-doll-a-week 2023~
Quote:I guess you will have been pretty busy with back-to-school. Hope it’s gone well.

It has been going well, but super busy and tiring!

I managed to take a picture last weekend, but never got around to posting it. Last weekend was miserable weather, rainy and cold. I managed to squeeze in a walk between the rain (well, I got slightly misted on...). This weekend was beautiful, but no time to walk sad

The dolls' outfits are also weather-inappropriate for both days, but luckily dolls don't get goose bumps, or sweat...

Week thirty-nine
[Image: 128056008_e703692ce3fe6afa7ca885ff4c8247e1_large.jpg]

Week forty
[Image: 128368904_4f23182586112446e6e394cfbd28e343_large.jpg]

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