~dargosmydaddy's a-doll-a-week 2023~
I attempted to post this afternoon, and my internet glitched at a crucial moment and I lost the whole post. Take two...

Quote:You have the best... the BEST I say... hair-eye combinations on your Pullips I have ever seen anywhere.
Thank you!

Quote:Do you set them somewhere & pose them for all these portraits or just hand-hold them?
I usually hand-hold them, particularly if I'm out in public and am internally freaking out that someone may come along at any moment and notice me! Of course, this results in a lot of same-y looking pictures. I need to work on my posing/ balancing/ full body shots, etc.

Of my recent pictures, weeks 39 and 43 the dolls are leaning instead of me holding them.

Week forty-five
Because I know y'all like flower pictures... This past week has been cold, including some hard frosts at night, and all my flowers are dead or sad-looking... except for these ones (asters?) which only just bloomed a few weeks ago and seem to love the cold. I swear they lasted into December last year.

[Image: 130122228_52167170e936671968b3f682162f26f6_large.jpg]

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