PrettyTiny Film Company Pic-A-Week 2023! (#52 Dec. 22)
200% snow sounds yukky!! I saw a FB post from Pullip Style about having had a lot of rain and there was "grass all over the desert" or words to that effect. I guess it's helpful for groundwater, at least.
Sara's dress was made by Offgenemi, who's no longer active on forums.

(03-19-2023, 12:51 AM)fishy Wrote:   Our neighborhood loved those deer.  We fed them.  They had names....

I wonder what they'll do when there are no woodlands left and they all live in high-rise sardine cans with no trees. 

--- (I've read anecdotally from Floridans that rich expats can be repelled by tossing gators over their fence until they leave, but not sure you can do that in Canada.)
Ehh, well, I wouldn't miss the deer around here... they've eaten everything I've tried to grow for 25 years. sad

Many of them already do. They think the rest of us should too, I guess.

"It sure would be nice if we had some grenades, don't you think?"


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