PrettyTiny Film Company Pic-A-Week 2023! (#52 Dec. 22)
Ah, Red the Traveler! Good to see her again! We had some fun when she was here!

The flowers there are incredible! Nights are still in the low 20s (-5˚C) here, with the incessant wind making it seem even colder.

Yeah, I remember when I used to hear the phrase, "Every Day is Earth Day" a lot. Now I didn't even notice a reference to Earth Day at all, anywhere.

Sadly, I've become jaded and soured on any kind of "environmental movement." It used to be about picking up trash and trying to make a difference on a personal or local level. Now "environmentalism" has been embraced by governments as a tool for, and justification for, more taxation and more social control. Back in my day (cackled in my best old geezer voice) it was the hippies who supported the environmental movement, while simultaneously distrusting the government and wanting "The Man" to stay out of their business. How things have changed... and not for the better.

Sorry... didn't mean to rant.

Glad to see you're blessed with some sunshine.
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