PrettyTiny Film Company Pic-A-Week *2024*! (#24, June 15)
Ugh, that's awful about the shop taking things to the dump. You would think they'd make an effort to contact some other charity or homeless shelter or something. Heck, this one is on an island and they ship stuff away to other such places.
Yep, it's a hippo.
After I shot these I realized I'd forgotten to put both Becky AND the thread & scissors in the first shot. Such is the level of distraction around here. So I re-shot the 2nd pic and photoshopped them into the first. LOL

[Image: 53494746236_eddf8fa39b_o.jpg]
It's her birthday. 11 years ago I opened an eBay box in the car at the beach and blurted, "Oh, you're so CUTE!!" And so began the PTFCo adventures.
[Image: 52753689362_648099ee70_o.jpg]
[Image: 52754230731_a6068b46d4_o.jpg][Image: 50534896333_d4a2b8e718_o.jpg][Image: 52754472289_1f6d6c34b1_o.jpg][Image: 49782607208_b108a0ee26_o.jpg]

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