PrettyTiny Film Company Pic-A-Week *2024*! (#24, June 15)
An appearance by Lipoca (even if she is incognito as "Red") is always cosmically significant, and she would be the first to tell you as much!

Nicely composed image featuring her favorite blood-like color.

Is the flower left over from Valentine's Day?

Actually, I was wondering about the "cosmic significance" of Leap Day this past week after reading a random article somewhere by an online vendor selling carved crystal skulls hyping up the significance of having the skulls "activated and energized" on Leap Day. The same article briefly outlined the history of Leap Day. The concept of Leap Year has been known for at least a couple of thousand years, and various ways of correcting the calendar have been introduced. The actual date of Leap Day has shifted around over the centuries, depending on who was in charge of deciding such things. There is really no "astronomical significance" to February 29, or to any other day during a Leap Year. Indeed, there is no astronomical significance to a Leap Year in and of itself. It's just a time-keeping adjustment that has been adopted through a combination of tradition and consensus.

In all my life, I'd never really given the "significance" of Leap Year and Leap Day much thought until this past week after I read that silly crystal skulls article... and then I ended up feeling kinda bummed after realizing there's nothing particularly special about the actual day selected as Leap Day. It's not astronomically significant like an equinox or solstice or even a cross-quarter date. The specific day does not have a long and mysterious paranormal or occult or religious history. The concept of "leap year" was an "edict" enacted by Julius Caesar. The "leap day" of 29 days in February began to be adopted around the 1600s, but was not actually formalized in to Western legal systems until relatively recently, in 1750.

So, you and Lipoc... I mean Red... didn't really miss out on anything "cosmically significant" by failing to celebrate in a "cosmically significant" way.

In my case, it gave me one extra day to scrape up the money to pay some upcoming bills. [insert sad-face icon if this forum still offered smiley icons]
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