PrettyTiny Film Company Pic-A-Week *2024*! (#29, July 20)
(04-26-2024, 03:24 PM)Alliecat Wrote: LOL, the "nicely stained woodwork".  It's just your basic brown pressure-treated from quite a few years ago.  The colour has leached out horribly.  I wonder how many chemicals have gone into the ground (and my water).  Have to take out a mat to sit on if I need to sit on it, after ending up with orange shorts the first time I did it.  I should waterproof it again, but, it's a big job and at the moment I feel a bit whybother about further fixing that doesn't HAVE to be done.

Sara & Celeste had a photoshoot this week.  More to come.  I've made more work for myself sorting more photos, in a week where I am still trying to dig out from the post-trip blahs, write deadline articles and do income tax.  Feh.

[Image: 53679598338_950905727d_o.jpg]

That looks so chill.

Oh, to be in the woodland listening to music...

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