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(05-06-2024, 02:57 AM)Alliecat Wrote: I don’t think they even let foreigners buy land in Hawai’i now anyway, do they?

At least I have 5 pretty amaryllis flowers to enjoy.

The amaryllis are lovely, and rather than putting me in a Christmas mood, they have me... missing Hawaii. One year I planted post-bloom amaryllis plants outside in a planter box when I lived in Hawaii. The plants did fine, but they didn't bloom again... until snails ate the greenery down to the ground. I figured that was that. Instead, after being devoured, fresh shoots popped up followed by a flower stalk. So there's an interesting amaryllis factoid: rather than a cool snap, they will also flower, eventually, after being chewed down to nothing by marauding snails!

When I lived in Hawaii, most of the property was owned by Japanese nationals, particularly the valuable downtown property. Now, my understanding is that much of Hawaii is owned by Chinese nationals.

I have not heard of foreign nationals being banned from owning property in Hawaii, or in any state. China residents are buying up everything, everywhere, in many of the states. According to this website (updated this past March), it is a relatively straightforward process for Canadians to purchase property in Hawaii:

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