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(05-06-2024, 09:59 AM)davidd Wrote: One year I planted post-bloom amaryllis plants outside in a planter box when I lived in Hawaii. ...

I have not heard of foreign nationals being banned from owning property in Hawaii, or in any state.

Funny about the amaryllis... but they do need a dormant period.  I read you are supposed to stop watering till the leaves die, then put it somewhere cold & dark for a while and then it will re-grow.  I did that the first 2 or 3 cycles.  Now the leaves just eventually die down on their own, and I stop watering but don't put it away.  After a month or so it starts a new bud.  Your snails must have simulated the dieback from drought that the plants needed.

I started to reply about foreign ownership & then thought I'd better try looking it up.  I guess it was this that I heard about:

Quote:Why can't you move to the States?
Because to get a green card, you have to be a victim of something seeking asylum; have an employer willing to do it for you; be related to someone; or be investing a million bucks in a business to create jobs.  (I looked it up again, just recently.)
Also, you need to have partaken in a certain medical procedure to be allowed to immigrate.
If you've got info to the contrary, love to hear it.


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"Mum thinks this trip may be a bust.  The lot we came to look at has some big pluses, and is near a great beach with beautiful sand, but the back-40 woods are impenetrable and we want woodland we can roam in.  Also Mum didn't like the proximity, or the look, of the neighbouring houses.  From ex-perience, sigh.  Anyway, we had a cold walk around this rocky headland too."
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