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Round 6 - Challenge 1 Discussion
Everyone did a fabulous job - I do love enjoying the pics smile I second the question about the mini MTG cards, I have 1000s of the human sized ones in my house but have never seen minis.

It's tough but the photos that stand out in my mind this round are Eloise, Lydia, Midori, Mineva, Miyako, Princessa, Ra Muw, Teagan & V-det. Congrats to everyone for getting your first entry in!
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This was really a fabulous opening round, I think. Lots of variety. I especially enjoyed Mina, Miyako, Ra Muw, Scout, and V-det. That look on V-det's face is priceless!
My feedback:

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I'm thinking that the mini Magic cards were custom made, with a scanner and a color printer and some cardstock. Just a hunch.
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Wait when do we see the points? I wanna know what I got to see where to improve.
(09-30-2014, 01:33 PM)Meowceline Wrote: Wait when do we see the points? I wanna know what I got to see where to improve.

As with previous Dalicious contests total scores for all challenges are only displayed at the end of the contest.
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I love all the different intakes on the 'magic' theme!! And that real Bunny!! so cute!! yay
Well done everybody! And congrats to the top 3!!! grin
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All of the pictures were magical! Anything from Disney, fairy tale, Magician, medieval, and my personal favorite, the flying magic! grin
I love viewing all this creativity! The dals are so beautiful! <3
I loved all of them <3
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>>> feedback <<<
A lot of work in some of these! Great effort, everybody.
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