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Full Version: Feedback For Burntbao; I have a bunch & sorta lost count...
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+1 for Burntbao. i couldn't be more pleased with my transaction. thank you!


I always LOVE buying/selling/trading with Kat ^3^
She's always so considerate of her buyers!
I traded my CCC for her Papin and the doll came to me in wonderful condition and with lots of extras!

There's no one I would rather have my CCC go to live with other than with Kat ^^
+1 and a big

smile from me for burntbao! She is such an awesome and fun person to purchase from. I just bought a little Bambi toy from her, and its great (I had the other half, Flower, for forever!!!!!!!!!!! He was so lonely, but not anymore!wink.

I also commissioned a couple of plushies from her of my dogs! I have to get some pics taken soon ... when I get a free moment.

:blink: But they are adorable.

Does this count as +3 total feedback? :rolleyes:
Very pleasant and honest seller!!!!Strongly recommend for all

+ 1 as a great seller!!! Thank you very much for everything!!! Hugs!
+1 as a buyer. Good communication.
Thanks!!! I received all my clothes for Blythe!
AND MORE!!! - I received many clothes additonaLLY!
Super mega +1 times infinite for Kat as a seller. She makes the best stuffies in the world, and is always a delight to deal with

+1 as a buyer! Wonderful transaction, fast and communicative- friendly too!
+1 as an incredible seller!!! She customized a dolly for me, and she turned out absolutely amazing!! Great communication and amazingly talented and kind!!!!!! I love my custom girl

smile Thanks sooo much!!
+1 as a seller!

+1 for an awesome buyer!

very friendly and communication was great.

thank you so much!

:sp 6:
+1 for being a wonderful seller! Thank you so much! Merry Christmas!!! <3
+1 Great buyer, good communication and fast payment.
Very nice to deal with! I think she'll be more and more beautiful. <img src=" />

Happy New Year!

+1 from me for the awesome trade for my Kairi felt pet!! I love it soo much! Kat is SUCH AN AWESOME PERSON! LUFFFFFFF HERRRRRRR! <3 :sp 2: :sp 3: :sp 4:
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