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Full Version: Feedback For Burntbao; I have a bunch & sorta lost count...
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Well. I think she has been famous for being wonderfull buyer or seller.
Now I add the long list of Burntbao's positive feedbacks with... another +1 POSITIVE FEEDBACK as a buyer. Thank you much! <3
+1 as a seller!

Thanks so much for the brown eyechips! They arrived before today, but I've been out of town. My roomie got the mail and said they'd been here for a couple of days, so the shipping was fast! ^^ Can't wait to try them out. :3
I had such a great transaction with Burntbao! I'll definitely be back for more from her, she's a fabulous seller!

+1 Highly recommended! Thank you SO much!!

+1 Fast shipping, great seller and great communication! Super fun person to talk to!
+1 Awesome Buyer. Awesome Person. Great Communication! <3
Super duper awesome seller :]
Thanks abunch for the eyechips

+1 as buyer! Thanks very much!!
Like always a wonnerful boardie!!!!!
+1 from me as well! I purchased a partial Paja stock from her and it arrived quickly and in great condition! I look forward to dealing with again (probably VERY soon, lol). Fantastic seller!
A big +1 positive from me again - super communication and incredibly fast shipping- I absolutely LOVE my purchase! :sp 2: :sp 4: <img src=" />
+1 positive. received eyechips, thanks so much!

It's always a pleasure doing business with Kat ^__^
I bought some eyechips & got an extra apron (she wouldn't let me pay for it!wink and skirt! d:
Thank you, love!
+ 1 for an awesome seller. Thank you SOOO much! ^^
Another +1 from me!
As always, wonderful communication, prompt shipping, and just what I expected! Thanks Kat!! :sp 2: :sp 3: :sp 4:
+1... 3, 4? god, i lost count!

Bought some doll shoes and a mod dress from Burnt- got them super quick as always. Will be back for more! Thank you so much!!


+1 Friendly and very fast seller! <img src=" />
Thanks for the eyechips and choker! n_n
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