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Full Version: KiraKira's Feedback
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+1 for Shann! Such a great buyer and always so wonderful to deal with!
+1 for being an awesome buyer as always!
+1 She paid on time for her part of the FMD GO. She was also very patient and understanding when I had some personal issues come up and I wasn't able to ship the wigs when I said I was going to.
She is a great seller! Kept in communication with me very well, for every update of my order. The eyelids came well packaged and safe from damage.
+1 as a buyer

Simply a wonderful person to sell to! KiraKira responded to messages quickly and paid promptly. Thanks so much!Happy
+1 Brilliantly quick transaction and great communication, thanks!
+1 as a seller/partial trader. Sent me Cornice's partial stock & included a yummy snack! Great communication, very nice & friendly. Can't say enough of good things about her. thanks so much!
+ 1 as a seller.

Thanks a million for yummy chocolates and the obitsu, it is in perfect condition, your are one of the best seller in this forum, It´s a pleasure to buy from you, always all perfect. ;D
+1 as a seller!

Another fabulous transaction with KiraKira! She always ships fast and everything arrives in perfect condition! She is absolutely wonderful and I look forward to doing more transactions with her! Thanks Shann!!!
+1 as a seller
was super to buy from Kirakira, everything was wonderful!
+1 as a seller.
Another great buy! Purchased Raphia stock. Came neat, safe & fast! Even included some chocolate. Oh Shann, did you know my weakness is peanut butter cups? <3
+1 as a buyer~ Fast payment, patient, and friendly. smile
+1 as a buyer! As always a smooth and perfect transaction with fast payment and great communication. Thanks again! Happy
+1 as a seller.
Bought Obitsu hands. Came fast & safe, with a little extra. Shann must be my favorite seller 'cause i keep coming back <3
+1 as a buyer from me. Shann is an awesome buyer, as always! Fast payment, super friendly communication. Highly recommended!
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