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Full Version: KiraKira's Feedback
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+1 as a seller!

I got 2 lots of gorgeous custom eyechips and she threw in some extras as well smile Many thanks!
+1 as a seller!

I bought 2 clothing lots from KiraKira and she was very quick in responding and shipped IMMEDIATELY. Thanks so much! <3
+1 as a buyer

KiraKira bought some dolly sneakers from me. She paid right away and kept great communication. Wonderful buyer. smile
+1 as a trade partner

A flawless trade! Communication was great and my items arrived so quickly! Thank you! Happy
+1 as a seller!

Just perfect in every way, even sent me some candy freebies for easter! grin
Did a trade for a Dressy and green overalls! I loved everything! She even included some candies! grin grin grin

+1 Highly recommended! ^ ^
+1 as buyer~ quick payment and great communication!
+1 for another great sale

bought my Arashi head (which is odd because i bought it from her about a year ago) and as always was a pleasure to do business with ^^
+1 seller! Thanks for the eyechips, they're beautiful! grin
+1 as a seller!!

Commissioned her to do bunches of eyechips! They're beautiful. She was always very prompt to respond and shipped them super fast! Thanks sooo much!
+1 as a seller, or maybe I should add +2 because I don't remember if I left feedback last time >_< I got eyechips, very well packed and with some extras smile Thank you very much!
+1 as a seller! I bought some gorgeous eyechips and some clothes, and it was lovely as usual smile Thanks!
+1 big positive as a seller! I bought a batch of her eyechips and I'm super excited!
Good shipping (fast! It arrived in 3 days - from her place to mine in Europe!) and they look so good! Thanks a lot! grin
+1 as a seller for eyechips! I love them, thanks!
+1 as seller.

I purchased a few bits and bobs, they were posted out quickly and arrived within a few days. Definitely one of my favorite DM members to deal with... Plus I usually get yummy chocolate hehe grin
Thank you hun ! x
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