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Full Version: KiraKira's Feedback
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+1 for a split

I split a Stica with Kirakira, she got the doll, and all i wanted was the black dress, socks and wig. But she sent me the whole outfit anyway! She is sweet and lovely to split with, A+, would split dolls with again.
+1 for Kirakira for a wonderful buyer. Bought a wig from me, great communication and prompt payment. Thanks again! <3
+1 Seller

Purchase 7 pairs of lovely Kirakira cabochon eyechips and have so much fun messing with various eyes! Thank you for the 2 pairs of red bloodstone + demonic <3
Thank you for the great Jimmy X stock! yay
+ 1 as a seller
Received more lovely eye chips from KiraKira.
+1 as a seller. Seriously, GORGEOUS eye chips. I love them. As always, Kira Kira is a wonderful seller and an amazing artist. Thank you very much!
+1 as a buyer

KiraKira participated in a For My Doll Group Order run by me. Communication was excellent, super friendly and payment was incredibly fast. Thanks so much for participating.
Feedback for the Favourites swap.

+1, Shann put together a beautiful selection of gifts for her partners doll, as well as a selection of items for her partner. She went above & beyond with the box, & she also assisted me in the running of the swap - thank you! smile
+1 as a seller

I have done business with KiraKira in the past and she is exceptional in the manner she conducts business: prompt, reliable, and always pleasant and attentive.
Thank you very much!
+1 as a perfect seller!
She made a pair of custom eyechips for me (two different colors) and they are perfect in every way and exactly what I needed. I always come back to her for eyechips because I know they will be beautiful and well-made, and because she is such a sweetheart. I can't express enough how much of a pleasure it is to do business with her! grin
+1 as a seller. Feedback seems redundant, we all know KiraKira eyechips are the best! Her Byul sized ones are so cool!
+1 as a seller. Bought PKF wig & eyes, and love them! Great to deal with & included bonuses, thankyou!!!!
+1 as a seller
KiraKira's thoughtfulness is always apparent right from the start, as originally I was just asking if anyone had Lead's guitar case they could sell me. But (is she psychic?) she also thought to ask if I needed something to go in it. ;) And it so happened that yes, I (or rather my spoiled boy) was desiring a bass guitar. Guess who had one? So I was now getting a bass and a case for it. Think that's all? Think again. We were in for a surprise because in addition to the items paid for, she sent along some accessories that will def come in handy for my little rockstar. Oh, and some delicious treats are worth mentioning, too. ;)
I'm sorry for rambling, but she is so extremely sweet and helpful... you're always in for a pleasant transaction when dealing with her. :)
+1 as a buyer

Kirakira commissioned a dress from me for a body I have never made for before (Dollmore), she was quick to provide me with accurate measurements and her choices with fabric etc, not to mention the fact that when asked for payment she was very quick and also happy with international shipping costs! I would definitely love to have her business again as she is just soooo friendly yay
+2 as a buyer for two separate transactions. Bought a wig and shirt a few days later from my threads. Thank you so much, I hope you like them! smile
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