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Full Version: KiraKira's Feedback
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+ 1 as a buyer.

Excellent, fast payment, great communications!! ;D
gah - i thought i left you feeback for this transaction already o.o

+1 for a great sale

sold me Leads boots and Arashi's card - they came in handy and i love them - thanx so much
+1 as a seller

KiraKira was fantastic at giving quick responses to questions, and shipped the day after receiving my payment.

Hash's boots arrived in perfect condition and I couldn't be more pleased with this transaction.
+1 as a seller, perfect, fast, chocolate present I love XD and beautiful picture of dolls with a nice letter at the back smile
+1 as an awesome buyer. Communication was excellent and payment was prompt, a pleasure to do business with! yay
+3 purchased from my etsy shop is a returning customer. Thank you so much and enjoy for loveies.
+3 for participating in the Leeke, Crobidoll and nDoll GOs!! As always super sweet and such a joy to work with! Thanks hon!! <3333
+1 as a seller

KiraKira is a lovely friendly person, ships FAST, communicates every step of the way (& sends lil extras grin ) thankyou hun, it was a pleasure smile
+1 as a seller.

Just purchased a wig from her and it couldn't have been easier. Excellent communication, super fast shipping, and even a surprise present with the wig! Thank you very much!
+1 for a split

Thank you for a smooth and pleasant deal! yay
+1 as a split partner
KiraKira is always a joy to deal with. She let me know exactly what was happening as it happened, sent my girl very quickly and even made her a wee dress so she wouldn't travel naked smile Plus extras for me *spoiled* I cannot recommend this lady highly enough. Thankyou again hun (hugs)
+1 for participating in the Leeke GO! Always a pleasure! Thank you so much! grin
+1 as a buyer. Once again another fantastic transaction with KiraKira! Thanks again and enjoy the clothes! Happy
+1 as a buyer

Great communication and fast payment! Thanks! Happy
+1 as a buyer
Great communication and fast payment. Thank you!
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