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Full Version: feedback for Miss Edith
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SUPER LOVELY BUYER. Thank you soooo much for offering Blanche a good home. +1
+1 as Buyer and +1 for a great trade. I am very happy with my Dal smile
I love Miss Edith. She is one of the best buyers ever. Thank you for giving Blanche a good home!
+2 again for another great transaction smile
+1 for another wonderful transaction.
1+ as a great buyer!
+1 as a wonderful buyer! She purchased two boys that I had up for sale, payment was paid when she told me it would be & communication was excellent! Thanks again!!
+1 as a fabulous split partner, would not hesitate to do business with again.
+1 as an excellent, and helpful, buyer. I was feeling insecure about international shipping and she was so kind to explain things to me and put my mind at ease. I'm so glad Horizon found such a wonderful home!
+1 for another flawless split transaction. Always a pleasure to do business with, communication excellent couldn't be happier <3
Miss Edith is the best buyer you could ever dream of having. Thank you for giving Monomono Consolance a good home. <3
+1 as a seller, prompt shipping and everything arrived safely <3
+1 as a split partner!

My first split ever and Ms Edith made it very smooth for me. Thanks so much.
+1 as a buyer.
Bought a statue from me. Paid when she said she would & is a pleasure in messages!
+1 for another wonderful transaction.
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