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Full Version: feedback for Miss Edith
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+1 bought 2 wigs from her. very nice to deal with. thanks a ton!
+1 as a buyer.

Miss Edith bought some Monster High dolls from me. Payment was fast and communication was great. Thanks! smile
Transaction: Sell
Item: 2 dresses for Blythe/Pullip
Date: Late Oct 2011
My Location: Thailand

+2 as buyer. Great communication, very understanding and very prompt payment~<3 Really recommended buyer! ;D
+1 as a buyer

Wonderful transaction! Communication was great and payment was very prompt! Happy
+1 for being my partner in my very quick, very mini JPOP group order (as in just me & her!)

Saw Miss Edith's "wanted" thread and we arranged to order wigs from JPop. She paid immediately and even told me about the sale that JPop was having. I enjoy working with Miss Edith--all our transactions have been fabulous. Thanks so much!

+1 as a buyer. Again!
Gave my Dal Risa a great home. Thank you soooo much! Cheers! grin
+1 Thanks for giving my Joujou a great home <3
+3 for another great transaction smile Deb is the best wink
Transaction: Sell
Item: 2 dresses and 1 shoes for Blythe/Pullip
Date: Early Dec 2011
My Location: Thailand

+2 as buyer. Great communication, very understanding and very prompt payment~<3 There was some misunderstanding between me and Paypal, however, when the problem had been bought to her attention, she quickly helped me resolve it. Really recommended buyer! ;D
+1 for Participating in the EE international GO and paying promptly.
+1 for being a wonderful split partner!

Because of MissEdith, I was able to add Tete to my collection. She purchased Tete's stock, paid immediately and let me know when the item I sent reached her down under! I would definitely work with Deb again! Thanks so much for being my Isul Tete split partner. grin
+3 as a wonderful buyer! As always a perfectly fantastic transaction. Thanks again and enjoy your wigs! Happy
Lovely transaction as always
I bought a Papin from Miss Edith and everything was wonderful! She shipped on time and Papin arrived amazingly quickly (a week from Australia to Canada... I've had packages from Canada take longer to get to me. xD). Miss Edith is a wonderful seller - very nice and just overall wonderful to deal with! I'd recommend her to anyone. Thanks so much!!
+10 for being a fantastic seller

I bought 10 wonderful dolls in very good and mint conditions. The dolls are well packaged and arrived earlier than expected.

Miss Edith is pleasant to deal with and will surely buy from her again.

Love the minis, they are sssoooo cute!
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