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Full Version: Greys' Doll A Week
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Haha, I can so relate to lacking motivation once you finish the stuff you "hafta" do.
I like all the blue too, and her outfit should come in a Pullip version! LOL
Be safe driving in the snow!
[Image: EXrddKTr.jpg]

My roommate and I went to Oklahoma this weekend to visit her family and see a play. Clover is originally from Oklahoma- Katelynn’s mom found her at their local TM- so she came along to visit her “homeland.” This picture was taken at Katelynn’s grandmother’s house.
That's a classy setting, and Clover's traveling apparel is quite stylish!
Sounds like Clover had an excellent reason for making the trip! She looks like quite the fashionista.
I love paisley and I love how Clover & all her colours blend so perfectly with her surroundings. Gorgeous photo Heart 2
Sounds like a fun weekend, and Clover looks very stylish.
She's so cute!!
She adorable lavender looks wonderful in her
Very stylish travelling outfit
Clover’s supposed to be my little flower child hippie. I don’t have the best clothes for that vibe yet, but I thought paisley would work for her!

[Image: nFxXkt8.jpg]

Two out of three of my custom dolls by other people, Circe and Jayni, pretending to be models. This one’s quick and lazy, but I wanted an excuse to show off the shirts and shoes. My amazing best friend completely surprised me on Valentine’s Day with these two shirts and two packs of Barbie shoes. She brought them to me at work! She told me later, “I was going to bring you a pink cupcake and a single rose, but then I saw the price of flowers and thought, I know what she’ll like better!” I’m lucky to have her in my life!

Bonus: she’s working late tonight and won’t be home until after I’m asleep, so naturally the best way to make sure she sees the girls are wearing the new gifts is to pose them on her bookshelf:

[Image: aj2eDjtr.jpg]
The girls certainly look happy in their new outfits! Your friend chose well!
Your girls are so sweet. I love Jayni's pose in the second pic especially.
That's a lovely & suitable gift from your friend. And it's something that will last much longer that a cake smile
Aw, what a lovely friend! That's so sweet. I like the flower pants especially.
What a thoughtful friend! They look adorable in their new clothes, too.
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