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(03-12-2018, 03:09 PM)Alliecat Wrote: [ -> ]Lazy photos are allowed! smile Fun waiting for little packages in the mail, isn't it! (Except when they get overdue.) Thanks to last year's PUDDLE mall excursion, I now know what Pocky is! LOL

I've got so much mail on the way right now between him, PUDDLE table host stuff, and custom doll projects. It's been a bit of a running joke at our house lately to make me try and guess what's in each package I get because I never quite know.

(03-12-2018, 03:52 PM)davidd Wrote: [ -> ]Lazy photos often look like "real people" photos... as does this one.

Solon... good choice. That's my dad's middle name, actually.

I agree, I think this one does look fairly natural. I just feel bad that I haven't actually been using this challenge to improve my photography that much...

Really? That's cool!
OT quick question for Greys & Allie .. did Miro Doll ever answer your emails? I saw a girl I really want there 2 days ago and they are almost 1/2 price. I emailed to ask a few questions and nada. I hate customer service depts that don't. I rarely buy from that company sad
Yeah, they were really good -- I got answers within a few hours to my initial inquiries. I asked for a faceup photo for the in-stock Annie they advertised, & they sent it next day. The only glitch was them forgetting to ship & needing to be reminded.
They were on holiday recently for Chinese New Year, but that was a while ago. They might still be wading through a backlog of mail. They shipped out a big batch of orders last week (?) so maybe they're still playing catchup. I saw someone comment somewhere once, that they had better luck sending only one question at a time, which sounds kinda silly, but the gist of it was they will only reply once they can answer all your questions, rather than leaving some unanswered and looking careless.
You could try again with a reminder e-mail and maybe just 1 or 2 most important questions?

(Who do you like??? Is it one of the clearance/in stock ones? If it's one of the 40% off ones on the main page, don't panic; the 40%-off is pretty much a perpetual sale. Some months it's 30.)
thanks hun, they did reply a day or 2 later smile I like Lightning & she is 40% off but sadly I won't be getting her. usd120 + 20 faceup + 20 just for the tattoo on her forehead straight plus 36 for shipping -- as you know that's over $250 in our money and while it's good compared to other bjds, it's still a bit much for me. Maybe later grin
Ouch. Yeah, I know... I waited a year & a half for Annie... maybe you can save up a few bucks a week for a while. Hope you can get her sometime soon. And like I said, they've been 30 or 40% off all the time I've been watching the site, so the sale's not going away.
Yeah they’ve literally always been on sale and I’ve been watching them for a few years now. I didn’t actually email them at all so nothing to add there. Lightning is pretty!!
Look! A photo I didn't entirely wimp out on! And it's early, and I actually used my DSLR!

Ever since taking a BJD group shot I've been falling back in love with Daikon and wanting to take some pictures of her. She's got a couple of new outfits on the way so I'll probably do a full-on photoshoot once those come in, but here's a porch photo (that sadly completely washes her out. Her blush is my favorite thing about her).

[Image: 40799529162_a66d024235_z.jpg]

I'll be posting a few other good shots in my thread for her in the BJD section too.
The kimono-type outfit is really pretty! This is an interesting doll. I'll be looking forward to seeing additional photos of her.
She is really cute. She looks like she's just waiting for some nice surprise smile
She looks very cute in her kimono.
she has a sweet face, pretty eyes & a gorgeous kimono! I found her bjd thread. She really is adorable <3
Thank you! One of her new outfits came in today, so I'm sure I'll be taking photos again soon!
She's lovely, I'll have yo have a look in her thread to see some more photos.
[Image: 40963841401_3685ed656a_z.jpg]

So. We never got around to taking our Christmas tree all the way down. (Laziness points for me!) I figured why not make the most of it, so I've turned it into an Easter tree.

Unrelated to that, as of today I'm currently caught up on all the signature releases in the DCSHG line! I thought it'd be fun to take a group picture in the tree. It's not great but it'll do. (I also put in a preorder for Hawkgirl who releases next month, so I'll still be caught up. Yay!)
Lazy Points high score, I'd say, with bonus Cleverness Points for converting the Christmas Tree into an Easter Tree... and a Power-Up for working it in to your Doll-A-Week project!

Love the lights!
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