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Full Version: Greys' Doll A Week
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That is sure a different look for him. Agree, he's quite handsome in this shot.
Tackier? Maybe he needs some plaid pants...? Paired with sandals maybe? I dunno; I have no fashion sense either -- maybe that look is 'in' LOL
I LOVE the hat grin
Love the kitten joke smile

And he looks very stylish (but I have no fashion-sense, so I don't know anything about style...)
He needs to dip into the 70's era Mattel Ken closet. I guarantee he could find something tacky to wear there:
(05-01-2018, 01:20 PM)Cornflower Blue Wrote: [ -> ]He needs to dip into the 70's era Mattel Ken closet. I guarantee he could find something tacky to wear there:

YESSSS those are perfect!! Someone on Omocha Crush suggested crocs as well and I think that’s going to be absolutely necessary.

I honestly have no real fashion sense either, so I’m not sure myself sometimes where to draw the line between tacky and fashionable...
[Image: leBwNmXr.jpg]

I went into our closing Toys R Us figuring I’d probably pick up some Barbie clothes and the Firces if Destiny Leia I don’t have, but this was one of those “now that I know this exists I can’t leave the store without it” moments. It probably doesn’t come across here on the forums much, but I absolutely love Wonder Woman.

Her body has all the same joints as the smaller dolls, with honestly more mobility in the legs in particular. I enjoy the added detail and quality in her outfit. Something about her face mold seems a little off to me (not sure what) and I’m not a huge fan of her glitter eyeshadow but I think she’ll be a fun one to have around!
I've seen this one on Facebook! So funny! And congrats on your haul!
Yes, congrats on your find! Maybe she looks a little too "sweet" for Wonder Woman... is that it...? but I think she's cute and the more I look at her the more I like her. Hope to see some of their adventures smile
I didn't know they made such a big Wonder Woman.
(05-07-2018, 11:37 AM)Cornflower Blue Wrote: [ -> ]I didn't know they made such a big Wonder Woman.

me either. She seems to be enjoying herself with her 'little' friends grin
Wow! I didn't know about these larger size super hero figures, either!

That's an impressive balancing act, even if she is on a stand! She is truly super powered!

What a fun find!
Woohoo, I’ve dropped the ball on this here! “PUDDLE panic” has set I’m and I’ve been focusing on my crafting.

I didn’t know about the giant DC dolls either until I saw her there! And I do think she strikes me as a bit too “soft” compared to her smaller counterpart, sculpt-wise.

I had one last faceup to do this weekend for my PUDDLE contest dolls, and as I typically do, I worked on a few others at the same time. Clothes are not final on either of these ladies, and I haven’t decided on the wig on the mocha girl yet, but I’m always so excited when I get a custom assembled that I have take photos!

[Image: mPYIGDZr.jpg]

Anybody recognize her? The fan is the one accessory I do have for her right now and it’s probably the best “clue” if you’re familiar with the character.

[Image: ZWf5kkkr.jpg]

I’ve been really indecisive wig-wise with this lady. The wig I bought for her was too green a shade of yellow to go with her eyes, and while I’ve bounced around on what I want for her I’ve been planning to make her a wig with natural curls. This one was supposed to be temporary, but it is pretty cute on her- it’s just super messy in the back and not what I was going for. I can’t decide. She “announced” her name is Phoebe while I was dressing her tonight, so there’s that!
They're both so cute!
They're both very cute, I like the mocha one a bit better, her hairstyle is nice
Yay for getting your projects done... or almost XD I think Phoebe's wig suits her.
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