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Full Version: Greys' Doll A Week
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So cute and funny!
Thank you!

Fishy, the characters are Nora Valkyrie and Lie Ren from the series RWBY:

[Image: maxresdefault.jpg]

Nora’s your typical over-exuberant sugar loving spazzy extrovert, and Ren’s basically a textbook introvert, but they’ve been best friends since they were little and are basically inseparable. Recently they’ve developed in the series into something more than just friends (finally!) but exactly what that “more” looks like is still a bit nebulous. They’re by far my favorite characters in the series and I’m a little bit obsessed with them. smile
A fun pose. It must be cool to be able to turn favourite characters into dolls.
It’s actually what originally got me into the doll hobby- I wanted to try and make a doll of a character from the stories I’ve written. Years later and said character doll is kind of an embarrassment to me compared to what I can do now but I still love making character I’m fond of!
That's a fun pose! I can appreciate trying to get them to stay put long enough to snap a photo.
Kitty cat bonus pic again this week:

[Image: A2Fs5L4r.jpg]

Idk why I initially decided to pose him in a box other than that it was there, but once I saw Morgan making pretty much the same expression as him a free kittens joke basically wrote itself.

[Image: thlEoJu.jpg]

Remember when I promised ages ago that part two of his pic fic was coming soon? Remember how I still haven’t made that? Oops.
Careful, someone might take you up on that little guy in the box wink
What a beautiful kitty!
Ha ha! Funny idea!

Perhaps he seals himself inside the box to escape from the monster cat!
Aw, they are both cuties!
they are both very easily adoptable grin
(04-23-2018, 03:14 PM)Miss Edith Wrote: [ -> ]they are both very easily adoptable grin

This ^

What a lovely idea!
Love the kitty and your boy! Tongue
Thank you all!!

[Image: XRfP3Lm.jpg]

So it’s no real secret I’m a big Tuxedo Mask fan, and he was the first Taeyang I bought. This week is the first time I’ve ever redressed him though. One of my favorite things about Mamoru is his complete lack of fashion sense (I’m particularly partial to the cow print vest he wears at one point but I digress) but unfortunately it seems I don’t have quite the right clothes to pull off his level of tackiness.
Is that a VHS Sailor Moon set?

He's a pretty cool looking character, there, even as dressed-down as he is. With enough attitude, the fashion accessories don't matter, I guess!
He's so handsome!
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