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Full Version: DeadlyNova's ADAD 2022
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Love the chain link fence one especially. Leo is a cutie-pie!
Budding model here.
Haha, thank you guys! He is definitely a cutie. <3

I wanted to do a more creative shot today, but I slept all day instead, so have this:
6/365: 1974 Ideal Tiffany Taylor
[Image: 51803319292_d1f7165c1d.jpg]ADAD 6/365: 1974 Ideal Tiffany Taylor by Haley, on Flickr
I have my mom's childhood Tuesday Taylor(the smaller, Barbie sized doll), who I always thought was gorgeous, and an additional Tuesday Taylor who does not have the flip hair, who is also gorgeous, but one day I found this 19" beauty with all of her original outfit and everything at a flea market for 10 dollars and was over the moon. They really don't make them like they did in the 70s anymore.
Wow, 19"!? Cool. What a great flea-market find.
I can relate to wanting to sleep all day; ugh.
And I'd love to have hair like that!
I'm not familiar with Tuesday or Tiffany Taylor dolls. She looks extremely pretty... and very 1970s glam!
Thank you guys!

Finally did something a little more creative.

7/365: My Disney Store classic Alice doll
[Image: 51805229282_4313bf550e.jpg]ADAD 7/365: Alice by Haley, on Flickr
Alice appears to have outgrown the Teacup Ride at Disneyland!

Perhaps something she ate or drank is involved.

Cute, colorful pic with a fun sense of motion.
Agree, nice sense of motion. Cute shot.
Love Alice in the teacup. I like that it’s an inversion of the usual doll trope where everything is much larger than they are.
Thank you guys!!

Day 8 is my favorite Rainbow High doll, Georgia. I swear I am not biased due to the fact I am from Georgia. She's just the prettiest. I adore her.
[Image: 51807145792_5ac9486e4f.jpg]ADAD 8/365: Georgia Bloom by Haley, on Flickr
Lejays has a bunch of RH dolls, but hasn’t yet been able to find Georgia for sale here.
She looks ready for the golf course. LPGA contender?
She is pretty, and a nice peachy colour!
I like the shade of her outfit!
Thank you guys!

@Elfy: I hope she shows up there soon if she's wanted! I had to run and look for her the second I saw a review video for her a couple months back.
@davidd: I don't know anything about golf so I have no idea what you just said ^^; All I got from it was 'my yard looks like a golf course?' LMAO
@alliecat & dargos: She's peachy keen!

Day 9/365: Animator Cinderella
[Image: 51811395060_db3139c7de.jpg]ADAD 9/365: Animator Cinderella by Haley, on Flickr
I collect the Disney Animator dolls, but I do it in a way I've made super fun for myself where I ONLY get them by thrifting and have a goal of getting all of them this way. So far I have collected the vast majority of them like this as well as duplicates in not as good condition for me to customize into other characters. I'm not usually a big fan of baby doll or toddler doll size/style dolls, but these are an exception bc they're just so dang cute and I'm a huge Disney nerd.
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