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(01-24-2022, 08:17 PM)Elfy Wrote: [ -> ]You have such great variety in your collection.

Elfy stole my comment.
Thank you guys <3 <3 <3

I did it again, I took my photos yesterday and then forgot to post them because I didn't do it the second after I took them. So I'm gonna try to do it when I post them now, because otherwise my brain registers it as done because I TOOK them, haha.

I'll post the one for today later after I take it, but here is yesterday's, my Lipoca, Zayday.
[Image: 51842911348_3171325ac9.jpg]ADAD 24/365: Zayday (Dal Lipoca) by Haley, on Flickr
Full shoot here:
I go with the “taking the picture counts” because… well, because that’s how I do it!

You’re keeping up so far, off and on, and Month One is already winding down!
Yeah. xD


I went to post today's right after I took it, and lo and behold, the world wants to work against me, because my internet went out the second I tried uploading it to flickr. xD But it's back now, so here it is!
25/365: Proudly Pink Silkstone Barbie
[Image: 51843178948_0f0e4d2fe1.jpg]ADAD 25/365: Proudly Pink Silkstone Barbie by Haley, on Flickr
are you thinking pink?
Definitely thinking pink! Wow! She's vibrant! I... kind of love her! That turquoise eyeliner really pops contrasted with the pink!
I love pics of Lipoca. She’s so cute.
Lipoca's cute. Whose outfit?
Barbie makes pink look very chic.
Really enjoying all the different figures you’re showing us. I remember from another year that you have such an eclectic collection.

It’s inspiring me to take some of our other figures this year.
Thank you guys!!

@Alliecat: Zayday's outfit is a mix of Dal stock pieces, the jacket and skirt from Hangry, the shirt from Risa's(I actually have no idea how I got it though because I don't have her and never have LMAO), and the boots are her own.

@Lejays: I hope to show off more of my eclectic collection this year! It's certainly all over the place. I hope I can last long enough this time to show some of it off.

Here is my photo for day 26!

26/365: 1972 Look Around Crissy:
[Image: 51845828568_2806cdef2f.jpg]ADAD 26/365: 1972 Ideal Look Around Crissy by Haley, on Flickr

This doll has a super interesting story behind her. In a town about 30 minutes from my hometown there was a doll shop that was open for at least 30 years. It was owned by an elderly lady in her 90s who had collected dolls her entire life. It was only open on Saturdays and for only a few hours, so I very rarely was able to go, but I did go maybe three times before it closed. A lot of the dolls there were overpriced for what they were, so I didn't often buy very many. (I also wasn't nearly as into collecting older dolls at the time.) Many of them sat there collecting dust for years because of this. All of the dolls in the shop had a tag that had the date they were acquired and put into the shop, and who/where she had gotten them from. It was super interesting, historically, to see.

Unfortunately a few years ago the elderly lady who owned the shop passed away. Afterwards her children decided to sell the shop, but they had a lot of dolls they suddenly needed to get rid of. There were hundreds and hundreds of dolls in this shop, so they discounted them a little bit more every weekend for a few weeks until they got rid of them all. Unfortunately I missed the first few weekends because I was unable to go, and almost all the good dolls(and all of the Barbies T,T ). By the time I got to go the dolls were 75% off their original prices, but there were also only a small handful left.

This Crissy doll was one of them, but not because she was undesirable or in bad condition like a lot of the other dolls. In fact she is literally in perfect condition with her full original outfit and shoes. She looked as good as the day she was originally purchased. But she also had a tag that said 'Not For Sale - Display Only'. She had been a display doll in the Crissy cabinet since 1991. I think people even during the sale saw that NFS tag and assumed she STILL wasn't for sale, but that wasn't the case, EVERYTHING was for sale now. So I got her, along with a handful of other dolls. I have no idea what I paid for her, but it was almost nothing. I did get several dolls that day, but I think she was the best treasure I got.

I'll always miss that store and regret not going more often.
What a fascinating story about the shop. She’s a very nice looking doll, I like her hair & outfit a lot.
Thank you!

27/365: Hollywood
[Image: 51847041363_08246de9cd.jpg]ADAD 27/365: Living Dead Doll Hollywood by Haley, on Flickr
Mezco Living Dead Doll Hollywood. Probably my second favorite LDD I own, and one I wanted for MANY years before I got her! Absolutely love her.
The doll shop sounds very interesting. An elderly lady keeping alive a love of dolls, and history for each. But it's too bad they didn't find homes because of the prices. I guess they were more valuable to her.
Crissy has a cute smile. She was waiting for YOU! smile
Is the LDD doll a bit customized, or is that the style of the paint?
They all eventually did find homes in the end, at least!

She's not customized! She's meant to look like this. She's supposed to have died in a car crash.
OH! EM! GEEEE!!!!!

A platinum blonde Living Dead doll with the top of her head ripped off... called "Hollywood!" They obviously modeled this doll after 1950s sultry screen actress Jayne Mansfield, who was killed in a car accident that ripped the top of her skull off!

The low bumpers on the back of semi-trucks designed to keep passenger cars from sliding underneath the trailers in collisions are referred to as Mansfield bars.

Wow! I wonder if other LD dolls are modeled after real people?
It’s always really cool when a doll has an interesting story of acquisition.
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