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Full Version: DeadlyNova's ADAD 2022
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Always fascinating the stuff you know Davidd. I knew about the tragic end of Jane Mansfield , but not that the bars on trucks were named for her.

LDD are not a favourite line to look at - I’m not really a horror person, and they make me uncomfortable to look at.
(Which is totally my issue, please post others if you have them, I’d just flick over the post quickly)
I had a really really bad past few days mental health wise, so I took a break from ADAD, but now I'm going to catch up again!

davidd: I never noticed the connection! She could be based on her! There are a lot of LDD's that are based on real people, some much more obviously than this one. Like Black Dahlia, for example.

28/365: 1970s Topper Dawn Doll
[Image: 51858109760_abe32b1169_z.jpg]ADAD 29/365: 1970s Topper Dawn Doll by Haley, on Flickr
I found this Dawn doll at an antique store recently! I don't collect them, and I don't know which one she is exactly, I tried identifying her by her outfit, but then realized she's actually wearing a Barbie Rock Flowers outfit. Either way, I think she's Angie.

Dawn dolls are super tiny, about half the size of a Barbie. I've never had one before, they're very fun and cute!

29 & 30/365: Eijirou Kirishima & Katsuki Bakugou Figmas by Good Smile Company
[Image: 51857782759_290a86a6bf_z.jpg]ADAD 30 & 31/365: Eijirou Kirishima and Katsuki Bakugou Figmas by Haley, on Flickr
This is Kirishima's second appearance, technically!
Aw, I'm sorry about the bad few days >hug<
Glad you got back to photos. I find dolly photography is great therapy on bad days.

Had to look it up again, and yes, as I thought I remembered, my Mego "Dizzy Girl" is from a line that was a knockoff to Dawn dolls. She was one of my favourites when I was little; they are really tiny, aren't they!
Topper Toys! Ah, so many smaller (and some not so small, like Kenner and Marx) that no longer exist, even though they had popular lines of toys.

The Figmas look to be up to mischief!
The Figmas look like a couple of bros having a good time.
The boys look like they’re having a great time together.

And the little Dawn doll is cute.
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