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Full Version: DeadlyNova's ADAD 2022
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They're lit up in the pic!
Glowing eyes! Kewl!

He’s certainly intense!
Your Leorio looks like he's up to something.
While I've heard of Billie Eilish, I know nothing about her. But I imagine the doll would be quite popular with fans.
Glowing-eyes-guy would be interesting to shoot in the dark, I bet.

(01-19-2022, 10:49 AM)DeadlyNova Wrote: [ -> ]I've used flickr for 14 years now, but hardly ever use the mobile version because my photos are on my camera not my phone.
Thank you guys!

I'm not sure how popular the Billie Eilish doll is among fans, but I think she's lovely and a very high quality doll, much better than probably any other celebrity doll I've had. Being a fan of her music is a bonus for me, haha.

Cheating today because I took a photo with three dolls and thought, why not let this count for three days since I'm catching up?

Here is day 17, 18, and 19/365: The Madrigal Sisters from Disney's Encanto! They arrived today (along with their little cousin Antonio) in a deluxe pack from the Disney Store. I adore them. I had this cute photo idea. Here is Isabela, Luisa, and Mirabel Madrigal.
[Image: 51832594646_723b4b29ae.jpg]ADAD 17, 18, 19/365: The Madrigal Sisters by Haley, on Flickr
Billie Eilish performed the theme to No Time To Die, the most recent Bond film. I’m gonna have to watch Encanto. I love Disney films and we haven’t gotten around to watching that yet.
(01-21-2022, 07:56 AM)DeadlyNova Wrote: [ -> ]Cheating today because I took a photo with three dolls and thought, why not let this count for three days since I'm catching up?
Gee, I dunno... I'm not sure you can do that. You might get an ADAD speeding ticket xp

Congrats on more new arrivals! It's a little hard to guess how tall they are... based on the bricks, are they a little bigger than 1/6?
Aren’t they just darling! Cute pose!
Thank you guys! I definitely recommend Encanto! It's the best movie Disney has made in years!
@alliecat: They're technically 1/6, but proportion and scale wise they do seem a bit bigger than your average 1/6 doll.

So I took my two catchup photos yesterday and then, like an idiot, forgot to post them. ^^ So here they are, along with my photo for today, and with that, I'm caught up and can take one photo a day again!

20/365: Banpresto Amazing Heroes Hawks figure
[Image: 51837729825_ce4c63e63f.jpg]ADAD 20/365: Banpresto Amazing Heroes Hawks by Haley, on Flickr
Figure of Hawks from My Hero Academia by Banpresto. I love this character and met his English voice actor recently!

21/365: 1969 Sausage Curl Skipper
[Image: 51836047407_730b58af9a.jpg]ADAD 21/365: 1969 Sausage Curl Skipper by Haley, on Flickr
My favorite Skipper that I own. I love her curls. They're a bit messy, but they're original and given her age I don't want to mess with them.

22/365: 1978 Kenner Luke Skywalker
[Image: 51836997911_c2b93c58b7.jpg]ADAD 22/365: 1978 Kenner Luke Skywalker by Haley, on Flickr
I have never cared about Star Wars, but this Luke doll is one of the only things I have from my mom's childhood, and he's in pretty much perfect condition, given his age. I love and treasure him because of the fact most of my mom's dolls were destroyed from excessive play.
Ah, how nice to have a treasure from your mom's childhood (and thanks for making some of us feel old xp )
Unless you're afraid Skipper's hair will break from age, you could probably comb the curls with some water and wrap them around a straw to reset them.
Your winged guy looks quite fierce.
Love the wing design on the Banpresto fig!

Vintage Skipper is so cute! I'm developing an appreciation for mid-1960s era playline dolls from following some Sindy doll collectors on Flickr and Instagram.

That Luke does look to be in very nice condition. Most of the ones I've seen are badly soiled. I mean, white clothes on an action figure? Nice that one of your mom's originals survived intact. I wonder if this Luke was a back-up, so he didn't see as much front-line... or back yard... action?

Good job getting caught up! Falling behind and catching up is part of the Doll a Day thing, at least for me! Delighted to see you keeping up with it!
60s playline dolls are my favorite, the late 60s was my favorite era for Barbie. grin I could re-set her curls, but I'd rather not, since they are still original and mostly perfect other than a few flyaways.

Luke isn't a backup, but he didn't see as much play as my mom's other dolls because she wanted Leia instead, but the catalog was out of her. xD My Uncle got Darth Vader from this same set and absolutely destroyed him, haha.
That Luke is in really good condition given how old he's got to be. Have you got any of the newer ones? Might be fun to see a comparison between that and a new one. Maybe he and Kylo could face off.
I don't have a newer one or any other Star Wars figures, haha. Like I said, I don't care much for Star Wars. My nephews probably have some, though.

Today(the 23rd) was Shino(the character who I used on the first day for my new Taeyang)'s birthday, so I photographed another one of my figures of him. This one is very tiny and by the Spanish company Planeta Deagostini. Interestigly, this is the only official figure of Shino in this outfit that he wore for most of the series(and his older version). This company made a lot of figures of characters who didn't get any other figures at all.

ADAD 23/365:
[Image: 51839812278_0e843668d6.jpg]ADAD 23/365: Planeta Deagostini Shino by Haley, on Flickr
You have such great variety in your collection.
Gangsta… with delicate floral backdrop! Fun contrast!
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