Sahara *Nahh-ato pullip customized by Myu*
Myu grin .. thanks n____n .. I am so happy with her ^^ ..

yellow_socks: I agree with you, Nahh-ato don't look her best in her stock make up! I actually find it very wrong for her and I am totally lucky because Myu agreed to customize my girl, she gave me exactly what i wanted

Cherryfox: Thanks dear smile .. I don't bond will with fur wigs xP

Birdie: Thank you n_____n .. I hope you still like her in her new wig though you prefer the other one smile .. I saw someone on flickr who used those bodies but I dislike barbies + their bodies so that was not a chance for me! I am actually ok with my volks it is just tricky to pose x3 but at least, it gives some awesome poses !
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