New Rule regarding counterfeits, fakies and recasts
Fake/TBL Blythes not allowed but what about the references for wannabe Blythe clone dolls that are their own company like Jecci 5 or Acker - Blybe, Bassak CCE or Icy? These dolls are usually customized also.

Would this also mean that the scalps from the above mentioned dolls are not allowed to be sold either? People look for them to replace bald dolls in particular Fake/TBL scalps which are far more better quality than Takara Blythe scalps.

How about Tangkou dolls, which are a cross between a Pullip and Blythe but it is a company.

Maybe there needs to be a list of accepted company dolls or doll products list as a reference.

Another note, lots of times, people may not know they bought a fake Blythe and find out later, but some may never know and unwittingly sell a fake not knowing they had a fake in the first place since the TM markings appear on the doll. This seems to be common now and on other message boards, this is the reality. Maybe pictures of the front and back scalp (show screw placement) of of a doll should be required in a sales thread. Naturally and of course, fakes are known to have fantasy hair colors but re-rooted scalps of a real Blythe can have fantasy hair colors or textures.

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