Girl with a Pearl Earring Pullip review and photos
I had the opportunity to buy Girl with a Pearl Earring at a good price, and I’m glad I did. I paid no attention to this doll until she was shown wearing one of the MIO wigs. She is beautiful! A standout faceup that is unusual.

[Image: gpe2.jpg]

Her stock is of very high quality, some of the nicest Pullip stock I’ve seen. The skirt, overskirt, and top seem well made. The scarf thing is a little odd, but looks enough like the painting. I don’t plan to keep it on her. She has nice brown boots and serviceable tights, plus a long tulle petticoat under her skirt.

[Image: gpe5.jpg]

[Image: gpe6.jpg]

[Image: gpe3.jpg]

[Image: gpe4.jpg]

[Image: gpe8.jpg]

I had planned to rechip and rewig her in a Make It Own wig, but her own wig is a gorgeous auburn and of nice quality. I think I’m going to keep her just as she is (without the scarf covering up that lovely hair). If you have not yet taken a second look at Girl with a Pearl Earring, I encourage you to do so! She has become one of my new favorite Pullips of the last few years.

[Image: gpe9.jpg]

[Image: gpe10.jpg]

[Image: gpe11.jpg]

[Image: gpe12.jpg]
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