Dollhouses - Show them off here
Show off where your dolls live here. <3
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Aribelle Izumi - Tsuki Izumi - Kyouka Hibiki - Zenzi Barenfang - Pita Pepper - Parfait Pepper - Myuu - Peanut Bucker - Lumisade Peura

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Mine is still a work in progress at this point, but here are some pics of a sleepover my daughter and I put together in Elise's (My Melody) room:

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Well it's not quite a dollhouse (yet!wink Until I get my big pink bookcase to decorate. (i have teeny floorboards and wallpaper picked out already!wink

It's just a set up on a table in my room <3

Poor photos I know!

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My ex jewellery box wardrobe
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My etsy alice sofa ( i have an armachair and ottoman too)
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Oooh! All of these pictures are so inspiring! smile

They're all very impressive! I hope I can put together a nice niche for my DaL by the time she arrives... (I can't wait til September!wink
ver cool houses
I love your Alice sofa!!!
Yeah that sofa rocks!!
I love seeing all your doll houses! Please post more XD
I'm revamping mine at the moment, but will post pics of it when it's done soon!
[Image: Stellasig.jpg]
Want: Clarity or Nero's eyechips!
This is my pullips' living area :-)
My grell is waiting for her new wig right now, so she's sitting there bald.. xD

I made a shelf for their little anime figures on the wall and decorated with posters and chairs :3

[Image: 3870407067_c627884989.jpg]
Welly wow you have so many stunning dolls <3 <3 <3
(I didn't know you had so many)
(09-01-2009, 04:05 AM)Yukittie Wrote: Welly wow you have so many stunning dolls <3 <3 <3
(I didn't know you had so many)

Aww thank you so much!! ^__^ I'm really glad you like them grin
hehe it's weird, but I didn't realise I had that many either until I had them all grouped together like that XD
mine isn´t reday yet but it takes not much anymore ... it has two finsied bed rooms
[Image: flat1.jpg]

[Image: flat12.jpg]

[Image: flat16.jpg]

[Image: flat3.jpg]

[Image: flat4.jpg]

the living room not ready yet ....

[Image: flat6.jpg]

the Kitchen

[Image: flat8.jpg]

[Image: flat9.jpg]

[Image: flat10.jpg]

in planig are:

bath room
Doctors Room
Dressing Room

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