This Is A B/s/t Forum But I See No B/s/t!
The same here, I have now more than 15 posts, I have made a feedback thread and I have PM´ed Kanamai. She read my massege but I didn´t get an answer nor I have access to the BST-section.
Maybe I did something wrong?
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Merzedes, I'm pretty new here myself but it sounds like Kanamai has been pretty busy. If you did everything correctly she'll get to you, but it may take her a little while if she's still catching up. She is human afterall! smile
Well, you can make this:

1 - Make 15 or more posts.

2 - Set your location on you USER PC. *Ex: U.S.A, Colorado.*

3 - Get your eBay feedback, and create a thread with this. If you do not have it, no problem: Create he thread, and, make one feedback for you can start. xD

4 - PM Kanamai, put the link of your user page and put the link of your feedback thread too.
Finished! Now you have acess to the BST area. ^^

Hope it helps...And, sorry by my bad english. xD
I have made myself a feedback thread - I have listed my feedback link to Den of Angels where I have 15 positive feedbacks and I have been a member of Plastic Paradise and This is blythe for years. Can I just make 5 posts and then be accepted into the marketplace to buy and sell? thanks.
Would someone be so kind to explain what I meant by a feedback thread to me? I'm thinking its fedback on sales and purchases from othersites, such as eBay or DoA? Thankyou~
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If I haven't posted my feedback thread link to Kanamai, I won't be able to have access to the B/S/T? And if that's so, does this mean that I'll have to PM her again?
I have PM'd her on Thursday, but no answer until now >: Is she too busy?
BST access is only granted Wednesday!

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Yeah, but I did asked some days earlier ^^'
It's OK, I have now access to B/S/T :3

Thank you!
Woa, so this is how it goes. smile
I'll do it all, thanks for posting this. I've been really confused lately. haha
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I believe I've met the requirements and pmed Kanamai on Wednesday D: Does it mean if she sees the pm on Thursday, I won't get market access until next Wednesday? tt
(12-16-2010, 02:25 AM)19akatsuki85 Wrote: I believe I've met the requirements and pmed Kanamai on Wednesday D: Does it mean if she sees the pm on Thursday, I won't get market access until next Wednesday? tt

Yes, probably sad
Hello, how do I pm Kanamai?
How long does it take to gain market access after I've emailed kanamai?
prolly the next day, she is in a differant time zone to you, it might be a little longer even, she is only one person and does have a life to look after as well. just assume she will be as quick as she can smile she usually is.
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lame question ..
How do I know I got the access ? Whacked
I know that something new happened .. there is a feedback link beside my name on the left >>
and that's all .. nothing else seems different to me or i am just too newbie .. hehe .

I've already did all the ( 15 post + feedback + PM) 2 weeks + ago but nothing changed from my eyes o-o
may be I am missing something .
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