Hina Ichigo's Feedback
+2 as buyer, I just received my two girls and they are wonderful smile
+1 as a buyer.
Bought my Mao from me. Paid when she said she was going to & let me know when he got there. Thanks so much!
+1 as a seller. I bought Leroy & mini Lalaloopsy's from Hina and she could not be more helpful or patient. Shipped quickly as always and everything is perfect smile
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+1 as a buyer!
Hina Ichigo bought a doll wheelchair from me. Payment was prompt and communication was great. She also let me know as soon as the wheelchair arrived. Wonderful buyer!
+1 Seller

I purchased a custom Nahhto from Hina. Great communication, fast shipping, well-packaged, and very friendly. Thanks again!
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+1 as a seller

I bought a nude Pullip Sabrina and it was well packed and shipped promptly.
An adjustment by Hina was made to the sale that benefited me, so thanks so much.
Excellent communication and helpful info/advice also dispensed cheerfully.

Thanks so much!!
+1 Seller
I bought a nude bald R.Alice from Hina and the transaction went brilliant. Friendly communication and fast shipping Thank you. ^__^
+1 as a seller

I purchased a nude, bald Byul from Hina and she's was a pleasure to deal with.
+1 as a seller~

I bought a custom Pullip from Hina and she was amazing! She responded very quickly and answered every question I had! The shipping was super speedy and I love my new Pullip!

[Image: 4411431791_d1aa67b3b7_o.png]

+1 seller

great seller! Good communication even with forum difficulties. Doll was packed expertly and just as described. grin

Edit: to say I bought a noir, not sure if that needs to be on here
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+1 as a buyer.

Purchased a kimono outfit from me. Paid immediately, polite in communication, let me know when it arrived...another perfect transaction and I highly recommend. grin
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+2 for a wonderful trade for 2 lovely Girls wink
+1 as seller

She sold me my all-time grail at a price I could afford - I am forever greatful! <3
Fast shipping, quick to respond to PMs and the doll was very carefully packed too smile
Had a great trade with Hina again!! She shipped the faceplate to me very quickly and it was packed well. I love it!! Thanks again, Hina!
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1+ yet again as a buyer! Always a pleasure to deal with - thanks for giving Lukia a good home.
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