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I think I owe you some feedback! wink

+1 for a long and complicated transaction wink I purchased two of her custom dollies, and she found a few Monster High dolls I'd been looking for. We met up for a pickup, and I paid via PayPal. smile

+1 also for another MH transaction, this time she found an Operetta and an Abbey fashion pack, she even partially customed the Operetta for me!

And I'm sure there's been more that I can't remember. Always lovely! Thank you my dear!
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If I forgot to leave you feedback, please let me know!

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+1 for another great transaction.

Mandy purchased two baity volks bodies I had up for sale. Payment was fast, PMs were friendly, and she made sure to let me know the package had arrived. Thanks so much!
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1+ as a buyer!
My feedback:

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+1 as a seller, Miss Mandy sold me her black & white Frankie at a great price and everything went smoothly. As always, a pleasure to deal with.
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+1 for a great Trade! <3
+ 1 as a seller

MissMandyLynne bought some mini stuff from me. She paid quickly and let me know when it arrived. Unfortunately a mini stand broke in the mail, which I now refunded. Thanks for waiting! It was a pleasure doing buisness! smile
Item: Bought my 2 mini bodies and My Little Pony - Merry Treat
Date: Early-Oct 2012
My Location: Thailand

Comment: + 1 as buyer. Great communication and very prompt payment. Really recommended buyer~<3 I did many transactions with Mandy and she has always been a pleasure to work with.wink
Item: I bought 2 MH - Frankies and 2 MH clones from Mandy
Date: Early-Nov 2012
My Location: Thailand

Comment: + 1 as seller. Great communication and kindly answer all my inquiries. My package was well packed and came really fast for international shipping! Really recommended seller~Heart grin
+1 as a seller
Very friendly and helpful!
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+1 for a great seller! Thank you for another wonderful transaction!
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+950,000,0000,0000,0000,000,000,001 as seller/trader ...


SUPER PATIENT AND SWEET AND THE PAINT JOB SHE DID ON THE HUJOO I BOUGHT *faints* and the awesome custom MH scooter she did up for Oz?! *faints again*


wonderful, wonderful, WONDERFUL to deal with! smile
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+2 as a buyer. She bought a wig and a bait head from me. Recommended as a buyer.
Item: helped me get some MH dolls: sweet 1600, ghouls rule & picture day Lala, Venus, Skelita and 2 MH clone dolls.
Date: Early-Dec 2012
My Location: Thailand

Comment: + 1 (but more like 10 to me) as assistance shopper. I'm really grateful that Mandy could help me get them as I heard that they can sometime be hard to find. I'm really happy with them, thank you so much~<3

Great communication, and answer all my inquiries in a timely manner. My dolls were well packed and came quite fast for international shipping!grin
+1 as a buyer

MissMandyLynne bought a Pinky Street set from me.
She was prompt with payment and very pleasant to communicate with.
Thank you very much for a smooth transaction and I hope you enjoy your new "crew"!
+1 as a buyer, always a pleasure smile.
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