Twinkle_eyed's Feedback
+1 for another fantastic GO! Thanks so muchhh!
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+1 for a most brilliant GO thank you soooo much yay
+1 buyer~

Super friendly and really easy to deal with, thanks so much~! <33
+1 for group order in Luts, the items arrived safe and sound.. thanks!!
+1 for setting up the nDoll go! Very communicative & helpful, also great turnaround time! After receiving the wigs from the company, she sent the wigs out in 2 days, and I received mine in 2 days. She also gave little goodies smile Thank you so much!
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thx to JennyCupcakes
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+1 for the ndoll GO! Thanks!
+1 for organizing an nDoll GO. Thanks so much.
+1 for nDoll GO. Everything was excellent, thank you so much! smile
+1 positive for organizing the Leeke GO (sorry this is a lil late).
Wig shipped fast and the extras were cute!
Thank you so much!
+1 as a seller. Purchased Naomi's wig, and got a flawless well packed item. Thanks!
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+1 as a seller

Purchased Grey wig from her, and everything was as decribed, and came really really fast!

More Feedback can be found here:
+1 for organizing and running the 2nd Leeke GO. She had great communication with me, even when the wig I wanted was out of stock. Shipping was prompt and everything too. Couldn't be happier with the transaction and the wig. Thanks again for doing the GO.
+1 for another wonderful Leeke go! I love my wig! Thanks hon!
+1 for another great Leeke pre-order GO!!
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+2--for being a great seller & also for being the most fantastic GO organizer ever!

I purchased a really wonderful Leeke wig from twinkle_eyed's wig sale thread, and it was in excellent condition & reasonably priced. I also participated in the 2nd Leeke GO and everything went really well. Communication was top notch, PMs were always friendly, and twinkle_eyed was just so on top of things that things couldn't possibly go wrong. Thanks so much! smile
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