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Full Version: Twinkle_eyed's Feedback
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Feedback for twinkle_eyed at the DM:

Positive - 48
Neutral - 0
Negative - 0

Positive - 24
Neutral - 0
Negative - 0

Group Orders (nDoll, Leeke, Dollmore, Luts, Crobidoll):
Positive - 73
Neutral - 0
Negative - 0

Positive - 2
Neutral - 0
Negative - 0

I do have tons of positive feedback at the MLP Arena for both buying and selling:


+1 for being a wonderful buyer!! Very patient and communication was excellent! Thanks again~
+1 for being an great buyer -- excellent communication, very friendly, and prompt payment! Thank you <3
+1 buyer - Fantastic communication and a pleasure to work with!

(commissioned a blue and white polka dot sundress from xoxo collection)
+1 for a great buyer, it was a really great transaction! She was very friendly and prompt in PMs, as well as letting me know when the doll arrived. I'd be glad to do business with her again!
+1 as a wonderful buyer!! Mary is very sweet and a pleasure to deal with Happy She paid super fast and had excellent communication!
+1 for quick payment on the Dollmore Group Order.
+2 for a great buyer, very pleasant buyer, I would love to do business with her again any time!! smile
+1 for buying Aquel! smile
Sorry for the delay!!

+1 Positive for buying my Rida, quick payment and quick to respond to messages!
wonderful buyer, so easy to deal with - thanks so much!!!!

A ++++++++ from me
+1 as a buyer! Friendly and prompt payment! Thanks!
1+ as a seller. I purchased a pair of eyechips. Thanks!
+1 as a buyer. Lovely to deal with, superfast payment and communication. HIGHLY recommend! Thankyou!

luv MOP...
+1 as a buyer

Bought Barasuishou from me, and was consistently lovely to deal with! Thanks so much and I hope you get as much enjoyment from her as I did smile

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