KiraKira's Feedback
+1 as a selller.
She is very nice and kind. So happy to buy from her hightly recommended. ;D
Everything very good packing.
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+1 positive, fast payment and always a pleasure to work with =]
+1 as a seller: extremely careful packaging, nice communication, very pleasant transaction!
+1 for a great seller, fast shipping and very friendly. Thank you! smile

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+1 as an awesome buyer. Very friendly to deal with. Thank you for a wonderful transaction!
+1 for being a wonderful buyer/commissioner..hehe
excellent communication
payment was perfect
thanks so much again
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+1 as a seller!
I purchased two Pullip baits for customizing from her and she was wonderful throughout the entire transaction. She kept me updated at all time and even made sure they didn't get shipped in the nude lol! Wonderful experience!
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BarbedDragons Feedback
+1 for a great seller.

Fast shipping, super friendly and item in great condition.
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+1 for buying my Lead grin As always, dealing with Shann is a pleasure! Thanks so much sweetie!
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thx to JennyCupcakes
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+1 for a great trade

traded an outfit for a wig and it was one of the easiest trades ive ever had to deal with XD
1+ as a buyer - purchased a pair of chips from me.
My feedback:

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+1 as a wonderful Buyer.

There was a purchase of some eye-chips, easy transaction, great communication too; thanks Shann!!
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+1 as a seller. Very fast shipping and she even included a little extra gift!
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Another +1 as a buyer from me - prompt payment, friendly communication, always a pleasure - highly recommended!!!
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+1 as a seller. Bought a gorgeous set of eyelashes from Shann and not only did she ship extremely fast but she also added cute extras! thanks again Shann, you are awesome grin
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thx to JennyCupcakes
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