Shelley (Rot Chan) - A Sinister Makeover! 09/05/10
Speaking of, another new shot in her house. :3
OMG I really want one of those mini DS's!! That is so cute! Do you know where it is from?

Her new clothes are cute, they really seem to suit her!

And I LOVE that last photo watching the scary movie, hehe =) That is like me sometimes!
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I know! :3 I got it from someone on LJ so I don't know where it originally came from, but I think it was a phone charm or something like that, as it has a tiny bit of the plastic ring left on the side that would have held the chain! I have been trying to find out where they come from as it's very detailed and opens and closes! The little screen even has a decal of a game on it!

I love her new clothes too. ^-^ I love her style!

Haha, and me! XD I hate scary movies. D:
Update! XD Can you believe Rot Chan is sold out now?! :0 I feel lucky to have such a beautiful girl before that happened!
She is looking good, haha xD Her room is cleaner than mine, too.

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Updated! ^-^
I love the new pics, of shelley and her skates!
She had fun. XDd Thanks. :3
She's so cute! Looks like she had a lot of fun!
Update! smile
I think Drta's wig and stock really suits Shelley!!
[Image: familya.png]
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=D Me too! I was quite surprised but she looks adorable. :3 I'm not sure she's going to want to give it up now! XD
Oh too cute! Drta has such awesome stock smile

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