darkviolets dolls - more dolls and more pics!
Aww,they are soo beautifuuul!!
I really like Eos so much!!
Your dolls are stunning, especially your Eos!!! Heart 2
My dolls:Samara (Sfoglia), Mara (Custom), Corey (Seiran), Shizu (Yuki), Anomaly (Lunatic Alice), Aiden (Naomi), Sadie (Zuora),
Crimson (Lunatic Queen), Amalia (Elisabeth), Bloody Mary (Mir), Lana (Eos), Jareth (Sebastian), Dante (Butler), Tarja (Tiphona), Cassidy (Jaldet), Elliott (Naomi), Snookie (Chelsea), Lazulie (Another Alice), Silence (Regen Noir)
thank you so much circle and Little_Spark

i just got another cute girl: Aya

have a look at her:

[Image: 4923171566_096a7aa366.jpg]
PICT0018a von darkviolet666 auf Flickr

[Image: 4923171640_36666e004d.jpg]
PICT0020a von darkviolet666 auf Flickr
I want to introduce you my Liv, doesnt want to be a vampire girl forever and tries out new looks...her changes you can see here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/darkviolet6...061183940/

and this is how she looks in the end as a normal city girl:
[Image: 5071322290_d38abd5fca.jpg]CIMG5291a von darkviolet666 auf Flickr

[Image: 5071322220_bdbede2ab7.jpg]CIMG5289a von darkviolet666 auf Flickr

[Image: 5070714819_bacf8c623d.jpg]CIMG5297a von darkviolet666 auf Flickr

[Image: 5070714901_f211d0d1fb.jpg]CIMG5302a von darkviolet666 auf Flickr
I have some new pics to show you...

first my two Eos':
Nike and Aura Luna
[Image: 5104060427_7f0cce1df3.jpg]
CIMG5354a von darkviolet666 auf Flickr

[Image: 5104060353_70eb6598a1.jpg]
CIMG5357a von darkviolet666 auf Flickr

Aura Luna alone:
[Image: 5104060289_0c61a076fb.jpg]
CIMG5353a von darkviolet666 auf Flickr

my Elisabeths:
Liv and Elisabeth
[Image: 5105749090_5e974c369f.jpg]
CIMG5364a von darkviolet666 auf Flickr

[Image: 5105748972_3b5de95a3b.jpg]
CIMG5360a von darkviolet666 auf Flickr

and another pic with Elisabeth with a custom i named "Naira" which is native american for "big eyes"...because she looks like it...

[Image: 5105153539_6879fd508b.jpg]
CIMG5369a von darkviolet666 auf Flickr
They are all so beautiful! Liv is my favorite smile
I havent shown many pictures of my Dals in this thread, but now I want to show you my newly adopted ( from MissEdith thank you my dear!) Dal Melize I have named Melli so far...

[Image: 5382285534_f1ed6fd3e7.jpg]
IMGP6349a von darkviolet666 auf Flickr

[Image: 5382285394_6bc38c72ef.jpg]
IMGP6347a von darkviolet666 auf Flickr

[Image: 5382285206_f383954431.jpg]
IMGP6340a von darkviolet666 auf Flickr

[Image: 5382285038_0db4326e09.jpg]
IMGP6337a von darkviolet666 auf Flickr

I think she looks a bit sad, I hope she is not missing australia too much...
I love this photo!
(08-20-2010, 06:19 PM)darkviolet Wrote: the bonus pic is my Dal Neve who surfed for a photocontest
[Image: 4880119318_78c5e5e662.jpg]

My feedback:

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awww I think Melli is thrilled to be in a home where she is appreciated and has photos taken of her !! straight She looks very relaxed to me - thanks again for giving her such a good home hun smile

I love that surfing photo too, how CUTE !!
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