Trillian (Zuora) - Visit to Newstead Abbey!
Yay! More Zuora love! 8D
I really like her chips and wig and outfit and, erm, everything. hahaha<3
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XD! Haha, thank you! 83 I love her very much too, she has propelled herself to being my favorite girl! =D
haha what a little sneakster! she is too cute
[Image: f4iwk8.pngp]
thx to JennyCupcakes
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XD She is that! :3 She is full of tricks!
I love her eye makeup! :3
Want List: Melissa <3 Suiseiseki <3
:0 I'm glad someone said that! It looks almost smokey, without being too heavy thanks to it being little lines instead of solid colour (I'm not keen on the girls with the heavy makeup). I think Zuora is a truely gorgeous pullip, it's just a shame I think her stock eyes and hair make her look a bit washed out on the publicity photos. D:
Yay! Haha, don't let Portan find all that stuff! xD

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XD Not right now, she's at your house, but when she arrives...^_~
She's so pretty!

The name of this thread threw me off, I just bought a Zuora. LOL
[Image: 5920509991_cec2cfd2b3.jpg]
LOL. XD She shares your name!
I was like "who's posting pics of my doll? She was only shipped yesterday!" LOL
[Image: 5920509991_cec2cfd2b3.jpg]
AWWW! She's adorable!!!
Trillian is so cute, Zuora is such a lovely doll. And that little magic set is wonderful. I agree with smilingcat, I love everything about her.
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Awww, thank you all. :3

Updated with new pictures. ^^

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