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Challenge 5 - History
Just sent my entry in...let me know if you need me to re-send. smile
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Sent mine in. LOL
I just sent my (Roux's) entry in. I hope it isn't too late. I have no idea whether its midnight EST or not.
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Just sending ours in now smile
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Sent mine some hours ago *_* hope is in time!!
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Just sent in my entry. I had the hardest time thinking of something historical... but in the end I didn't want to not enter anything. At least I am happy to entered something each round! Let me know if you need me to resend. Thanks!
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Just sent you mine, certainly an interesting challenge this week.
Mine is on its way!
My feedback:

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I have to say I've been having a great time sneaking a peek at some of the entries on Flickr -- can't wait to see the whole gallery! smile

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