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+1 as a seller

I finally got my MJ's chips thanks to Christy. Terrific price and extremely friendly throughout. Highly recommend this lady smile
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+1 as a buyer! Paid quickly and left prompt feedback! Thanks!
+1 as a buyer. Thanks again! yay
+1 as a seller

Christy sent me the first of 2 groups of plushies made by her and they are AWESOME. She commiunicates promptly, gives outstanding value for very reasonable prices, ships quickly and is very kind about giving time to pay.

I have been very lucky recently, dealing with some of the best sellers I have ever encountered. Christy is definitely in that group.
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+ 1 as a buyer! Cmair was quick to respond, prompt to pay, and all around a pleasure to deal with :3

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+1 seller
I bought two wigs from cmair and they arrived really fast and in great condition. Thanks!
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+1 super awesome buyer. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding! ^__^
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+1 as a seller

I received my 2nd parcel full of cuddly creations by Christy. They are all such high quality work and as cute as can be. Everything was excellent about dealing with this lady.
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Nice and fast transaction smile +1 as a buyer smile
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I commissioned a shirt from cmair1202, she was very fast and friendly! The shirt looks wonderful on my boy, can't wait to post pictures of it!!
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+1 as a buyer! cmair purchased a Raphia head from me and was completely wonderful to deal with! Thanks again!
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Wonderful buyer :0) always welcome back, bought two dal arms
+1 as a buyer

Great communication and fast payment! Thanks! Happy
Awesome buyer! Great communication and paid quickly smile)
+1 as a seller.
Bought a Dal outfit. Fits wonderfully, looks great & shipping was super fast! Thanks so much!

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