Two Before and Afters
It stopped raining for like 5 hours here so I rushed outside to take as many pictures as I could!

I haven't gotten to take any pictures of my Natsume since he got back from Myufish, so I had to get some of him before I lost my chance.

Here he is before:

[Image: 7610838890_b5cef2243f.jpg]

And here's the after:

[Image: 8120900592_056e3c3a16.jpg]

He has eyebrows! Myufish also gave him a little bit of a smile. I was a little worried about it because I always freak out about altering my dolls, but this was totally worth it. I think he looks amazing.

Next up is Malcolm. He's a Rayne, and was my very first Taeyang. I didn't know how I would feel about boy dolls, but he stole my heart with his sideways glances and near smirks. I loved him, but he just didn't look like Malcolm.


[Image: 6691820145_822c79c757.jpg]

And the after!

[Image: 8120941835_df591152f0.jpg]

Malcolm has been given a pair of KiraKira chips (which are just perfect!) and a two toned wig from Leeke World.

I am glad I took a chance on Taeyangs because, damn, they are gorgeous! I really want to get all my boys lined up and take a group shot. The handsome-ness would be overwhelming yay
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Yes! The boys are definitely charmers and have a way about taking up most of the space in your heart. I like the changes you've made...both of them look so perfect!
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Wow they look amazing! I agree with you, you totally need a group shot! Maybe with matching Christmas sweaters, boy-band style? xD
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very nice, subtle shifts in the faces *nods* very nice
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Nice improvement for Natsume and I like Malcolm as a blonde with the tan skin.
Wow eyebrows! I would be more likely to buy him with eyebrows.
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You did a great job on the eye brows!!
Wow Natsume looks so good! Love his new eyebrows. ; )

And nice changes for Malcolm as well!

[Image: tumblr_inline_mj98vnbBX81qz4rgp.gif]

// stuff i want~♥♥
They both look great smile Gorgeous guys!

Wow, they look awesome!

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