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Ever After High
i collect them, and find the dolls very beautiful. I love the dress <3. but in germany the dolls are often expensive.
[Image: 2zsp5pw.jpg]
Well I broke down and got Apple White (find, no crown) and Ashlynn (new, still boxed).
I did not know till I got Apple that she has blood shot eyes. I really only wanted her head but I guess I will keep all of her even though she has been de-throwned having being careless and losing her crown (not part of the deal/sale). She seems sturdier than MH dolls and is not as skinny as them. I thought of using her body on my Byul since she is a bit floppy.

I went to the Mattel site and there were quite a few marked down and free shipping over a certain amount.

Then I went to ToysRUs and found Ashlynn for $2. more than on the Mattel site. I asked at ToysRUs if they did price match at the Mattel site and they said NO and brought up a list of no price match companies which basically is all companies they carry since the list was extremely long.

Now onto the big shocking surprise . . .
Several days ago, I went to WM and there were lots of EAH dolls, I was looking and thinking about getting one, a friend for Apple. No Ashlynn though but they had sets like Holly and Poppy O'Hair (I like Holly) priced around $35.. Two days later I was back there and they had completely re-arranged the aisles so the EAH were moved over two aisles. I looked again and marveled at them and shuffled through the boxes but making them neat, to see if I missed anything (like someone hiding one for a later purchase). I walked away for about 10-15 minutes remembering to pick up something else before I forgot. I came back and there were NO DOLLS on the shelf!!!! Every single one was gone, the shelf empty, and that was a few dozen (3-4)! There was no one around (not even a customer) and no WM staff to ask about this.

Guess Swiper from Dora the Explorer was there.

So that is when I decided to go to ToysRUs clear across town and a 15 minute ride.

I might go check Target and see what they have which most of the time, they are wiped out. Either they are selling fast or they just don't get enough frequent deliveries.

Christmas stock is arriving in the stores already.
TrU staff said they were getting a big shipment in and the store should be really stocked within three weeks.
I've seen some of the older ones at Tuesday Morning. I picked up the Ashlynn Hunter set there, maybe six months or so ago.
The Tuesday Morning shops nearest me are an hour away since they closed many locations here permanently.

They opened at 10 am and closed at 7 pm, funny hours especially if you have to drive a distance later in the day.

Maybe all those missing WM EAH dolls have been shipped to TM?
Closest Tuesday Morning to me is about three hours away, I had Mr. Klein hunting in the various local ones when he was in PA for work. Lots of stores just did their resets. I know Target recently clearanced a bunch of stuff out EAH/MH-wise I got most of the Way Too Wonderland dolls at $7.50 a pop and easily a dozen different MH Sweatdrop . There are a lot of great deals on Amazon (if there are a few you definitely want I recommend popping them on your wishlist on camelcamelcamel they email you if it drops below a certain price). You can check Marshall's and TJMaxx's too sometimes they have the slightly older lines, I've heard Big Lots too but I've yet to actually see MH or EAH there myself. Another thing I recommend is downloading the Target cartwheel App they had a 50% off deal on most of the Freak Du Chic MH dolls last week.

These days, I only buy MH/EAH if I can get a deal unfortunately I have turned hunting for said deals into an art form LOL
One of my recent deals the way too wonderland Lizzie Hearts
[Image: 20181036066_8b61b3936c.jpg]
I'm a sucker for all things Alice in Wonderland so of course this is my favorite EAH line LOL
[Image: 20020729509_2d7e32ddf4.jpg]
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[Image: 6298891632_a2df2e3dbd.jpg]
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Hina thanks for the masterful shopping art info.

Kitty is super cute -- hmmm now temptation lurks in my mind.

I have seen MH at my Big Lots but no EAH.
Yikes, I don't know what happened this past month I've been obsessing like a drug fiend over Ever After High dolls. I went from owning like five at the beginning of the month to nineteen with another six coming in the mail T_T . On the bright side, I pretty much killed my wishlist just need a giant Maddie Hatter when she comes out now and the Walmart exclusive Way Too Wonderland doll (and maybe Darling Charming).
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[Image: 6298891632_a2df2e3dbd.jpg]
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how much are the giant dolls? I have only seen a photo of Draculaura so far, plus the original pink MH girl whose name I can't remember.

Annddd who is the Walmart Way Too Wonderland doll? You know I have Kitty, Lizzie & Maddy WTW enroute, plus Rosabella Beauty. I looked on amazon yesterday and there was a whole new batch of EAH dolls - new characters >.> I backed slowly out of there, the Wonderland ones I had to have but ... there IS a Court Jester doll coming that I will probably need.

Gods I wish they would all move on to stories/fandoms I have no interest in LOL Like Groove with the Sailor Moon and Rozen Maiden, that has helped me a LOT!
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The frightfully tall dolls retail for about $30 here, I saw Frankie, Draculaura and Clawdeen at Toys R Us a few times now but have resisted as I really try to stick to my it must be on sale directive for MH/EAH purchases.
[Image: 20906992129_160a1953ca.jpg]
The Walmart exclusive is Briar. I don't think the large Maddie is out yet but she should be very soon and I will be waiting for her with bells on.

Legacy Day Maddie Hatter arrived today smile Now I'm just waiting on the other five yikes LOL

Speaking of sales Mattel Shop has a today only free shipping & 15% off deal with code TOYBOX15
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[Image: 6298891632_a2df2e3dbd.jpg]
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I feel fortunate that the EAH dolls don't much appeal to me. I think I have a grand total of 4. I would like one of the large girls, but it has to be the right one. There's no sign of a giant Ghoulia yet, is there?
Briar is pretty but too much pink for moi. I am able to say no to her, Raven & Apple White Way too Wonderland because they aren't really AIW dolls, you know?

I would want a tall Ghoulia too CB, or Spectra. And Maddy of the EAH. I much prefer the faces on MH but EAH is bringing out so many hard to resist characters ...

Hina - Mattel doesn't ship to me, right? RIGHT? LOL

PS - large Maddy is showing as released and $30 but out of stock at the Mattel store.
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I don't like the EAH head sculpts as much as MH, I had my handful of dolls for the longest time and was pretty happy then Zilla started watching the show and I had to watch all of it on Netflix every day with her and well Madeline was adorable I must need another doll or two of her, the other wonderlandians soon followed and wouldn't you know it a bunch of people visit Wonderland in the newest special and there are dolls of all of them!!! The hilarious thing is the marketing worked on me, Zilla seems uninterested in getting more EAH dolls all she cares about is the show.

I think they are seeing how well the first batch of Frightfully tall Ghouls sell before announcing others I'd be shocked if we don't see more in time for Christmas. I'm probably going to at least get a big Frankie eventually and probably a Draculaura for Zilla as she loves Draculaura. I'm not sure which other characters I'd really go nuts for as frightfully tall ghouls especially since my favorites are dolls like Venus and Operetta though a gigantic Abbey would be amazing.

I know Maddy is showing as released but I've still yet to see anyone physically have her. If there are any ghouls you need let me know I can order via Amazon or wherever the deal is at the time and debox and ship with your package.

I have no idea where I am going to put my growing EAH collection, I had boxed up my MH during my move and thought I was kind of done collecting play -line dolls hahahaha there's like 30 some MH and nearly as many EAH haunting the shelves at the moment all picked up after my move. I'm kind of toying with the idea of raiding the storage unit and bringing back the others this weekend.
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[Image: 6298891632_a2df2e3dbd.jpg]
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you may as well bring the others home, the more the merrier LOL

thankyou sweety, I know you would get them for me smile I was just trying the no international shipping as a good excuse to not buy anything but of course it doesn't work upside down

Frankie was my original favourite and I still love her but Ghoulia & Spectra have that elegant high cheek boned face mold that I love best. Venus & Operetta are also favs with me plus Honey Swamp & Amanita. Can't keep up though, they release so many at once, constantly.

Has anyone seen the newest bunch - I saw them on Amazon. A different face style again, they are supposed to be Disney Villains' kids *sigh. I think they look very cheap. Plus, they have like 2 or 3 villains then Mulan's daughter. Umm, wasn't Mulan a princess, a "good guy"??

here's some brand new EAH characters
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I've got Alistair Wonderland but he can't sit down properly. I can't work out if it's his stock clothes which are pretty tight or if he just isn't designed to sit down. His joints at the top of his leg don't seem to want to go into the right position for sitting and since all the other dolls are sitting on the shelf I don't really want him stuck in his stand, standing up.

I need to make him a pair of loose trousers and see if that helps I suppose.

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