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Say hello to Kyouya!

Kyouya: Hello Kyouya.
Me: No, your name is Kyouya.
Kyouya: Oh, my mistake. Hello, I'm Kyouya. I'm King of the Pirates!
Me: No, not quite.
Kyouya: Then, I'm a salty sea Captain?
Me: Sorry, wrong again.

[Image: 30949477465_d2c0cb6663_z.jpg]
Kyouya: Then why am I dressed like this?
Me: It was about the only thing left that didn't clash with your hair and faceup.
Kyouya: Oh, I see. (disappointed) Are you sure I can't be a pirate?
Me: No, you're not a pirate.
Kyouya: (sigh) Can I at least have a hat? I feel like I need a hat.
Me: Actually, I was planning on making you one as part of your own outfit.
Kyouya: Yay!

[Image: 30949476355_931b59d5ae_z.jpg]
Kyouya: I still think I'd make a fine pirate.
Me: Give it a rest, already.

Kyouya is a MIO customized by me. He's the last of the 3 MIOs I was working on this fall. He was supposed to be more pink and lavender, but he resisted all my attempts to get those colors to work. So I gave up, removed them, and went in a different direction. I want to eventually get him a blond wig. This one is only temporary because I got tired of looking at him bald.
Aww he's really good-looking. I wish I had gotten one of those MIO sets to experiment with.
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Aaah, he's gorgeous! I actually REALLY love his wig and how it looks with his faceup. It really matches that light blue in his eyemakeup. <3

He also seems to have a very lovable personality. <3
Thanks! I think they're about due to make more of the Taeyangs, again.

That's a Licht wig and I don't particularly like how it fits. Although once a doll wears a wig for awhile, I often find it hard to change it to something drastically different.
Ooh, I love his color scheme (even if it's not what you were originally going for)!
He's a sweetheart. You did a great job.
I actually love this wig on him he is very handsome. He kind of has a vibe like he can be koichi's friend smile you did a great job.
I think he makes a lovely pirate... smile
I love everything about him! You've really become an awesome customizer.
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Great colour combination. I like the blue wig too. I can see why it might become hard to change after a while. (...aww, let him have a go at being a pirate wink )
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I too love his look, his colouring & his determined (in a gentle way) personality smile You did an awesome job, CB !
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Thanks! You are all too kind. Please note the lack of painted eyelashes. I can't paint those perfect, thin, straight eyelashes to save my soul. I used Taeyang Kaito as my inspiration and skipped them altogether.

He can't be a pirate because I have something else in mind for him. He's still a work in process in many ways.

Next up: Floating head Kung Fu Fai gets a makeover and some Blythe, Icy, Blythe clone makeovers. The unusually warm and dry fall has allowed me to go to town on some customizing before I have to quit for the winter.
I'm in love. That is one wonderful custom. Beautiful, beautiful work. He has such a soul. smile
Thanks! KiraKira eyechips help a lot, too!
I think the wig should stay, I like it! smile

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