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Full Version: Daily Photo Thread
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[Image: 33293038326_0284ae6127_z.jpg]
Sacralita's less serious side.
I love this photo! My son has a very similar one. She looks perfect! I love the chair as well smile
Thanks! It's a shelf. I can't tell if it's actually the back of a chair made into a shelf or a shelf made to look like the back of a chair.

[Image: 32969212450_3ce436c5df_z.jpg]
My ginger kiddo, playing the guitar. He's been resisting all attempts to name him.
Yes, she is dressed up as Rosie the Rivetter! Thank you guys! <3

@CB: Sacralita looks very cute like this, and I adore your little ginger kiddo. <3 His freckles are precious. I hope he tells you his name soon.

[Image: 33243515981_6f70f87d04_z.jpg]little thief by Haley, on Flickr
Help, someone has stolen my phone!
Uh, oh, is he shopping on your dime?
Hahaha, how cute!
Garrick is awesome Cornflower Blue.

Love your International Women's Day pic, DeadlyNova.
I have finally found right wig and eyes for my Sasha!

[Image: 32572660744_7d6447c1ba_z.jpg]

Finding alternative girl clothes seems to be a challenge though, unless one wants to spend a fortune.
Evie "ran away from home" this afternoon because she didn't get a trip to the carnival this weekend.

[Image: a36345fd6ee6dc1353f1c3542b59d804.jpg]
Sasha looks amazing. Great choice of eye color, goes so well with her skin tone.
It's always fun to see the variety of everybody's dolls on this thread.

[Image: 33326209282_6b2874a905_o.jpg]
All the spring flowers we're going to get for some time, alas.
Cute! I had some crocuses start to bloom. And then they got frozen, then snowed on. I'm not sure if there will be anything left of them once the snow melts.
[Image: 33426611676_c9a45d21a3_z.jpg]
This is High School Fleet Akeno Misaki from Azone's Pure Neemo Character series. I don't know anything about the anime/manga character she's supposed to be, but she's really cute.

[Image: 33467269795_4d76ccd2ca_z.jpg]
I love the sailor style school uniform. But the hat is weird. It's molded hard plastic, not flexible at all. So all it can do is perch on top of her head. And it's not at all easy to get it to balance on top of her ponytails.
[Image: 33443901886_e5ca704158_z.jpg]
Azone Rose Red Mio. I've been on a roll taking photos over the last week or so.
Uh oh. This might start something....
Someone got a present.

[Image: 33118934750_166f2e2bd4_o.jpg]
Daesani: "Woot! Look what mum got me!!"
Petra: "May I have one too please?"
Sara: "I thought we were supposed to share...?"
Dawn: (eyeroll) "There'll be no peace now...."
Cherie: (in her party gown across the room) "Can I just finish my photoshoot with the flowers...?"
Azone dolls are so cute! I don't think they'd quite fit in with my personal collection, though, which is good because I don't need to be tempted by anything else.

Alliecat, you'd better be careful or you might have a revolt on your hands! smile