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Full Version: Daily Photo Thread
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It's funny - both wigs are very nice. I don't know if I could decide!

Cornflower Blue - Her eyes are very polarizing to me! I wanted to capture them in some natural light. What I adore about the eyechips is their beautiful fabric texture when you get close to them.
Hamilton is loving the chilly Autumn morning.
[Image: n6tfrt.jpg]
(09-06-2017, 04:55 PM)davidd Wrote: [ -> ]Neo Noir hopes to be Amelia's co-pilot on her Trans-Pacific flight.

[Image: neo_noir4.jpg]

I wonder how that's gonna work out....

Great Pic. She looks awesome. Love the effect.
Gorgeous pictures and dolls guys!
My Summer that I posted earlier is indeed Marie Antoinette. Sorry for late reply, had issues with my laptop and every time I use forums with my phone, I click on wrong things. Its back up and running now. smile

I changed Tomoyo's eyes and I'm loving her even more. We had cozy weekend in onesies.
[Image: 36584107784_dac722c927_z.jpg]
She's a cutie! Dolfie Dream?
(09-25-2017, 11:14 AM)Cornflower Blue Wrote: [ -> ]She's a cutie! Dolfie Dream?

Thank you! Yes she is a Dollfie Dream Dynamite Miko. smile
Purezza is all about the pumpkins.
[Image: r7rrqh.jpg]
Somedays you just need to squish a Mermicorno.
[Image: 2hclpio.jpg]
Great photos, everyone smile

We're hatching butterflies grin

[Image: 23491849108_69474eb168_o.jpg]
So beautiful! smile
How did I miss this photo with butterfly . She is magical!
Sooo pretty! I've never done the butterfly hatching thing before but I've always wanted to!
That is gorgeous!!! I don't know anything about butterflies, but that sounds interesting!

[Image: 36669835214_1845dcf942_z.jpg]PJ! by Haley, on Flickr
I recently got back into collecting Barbie, and a dollie friend bought me my dream Barbie as an early Christmas gift. <3

Meet Malibu PJ! She's so beautiful I can't even begin to capture it in photographs. I'm so in love with her.

PJ is very special, for a multitude of reasons. While I think she's probably the most beautiful Barbie doll I've ever seen and that is initially what made me want to add her to my collection, I remembered something else recently that makes her even more special to me.

Next month it will be one year since my mother passed away. She also had a huge love of dolls for her entire life, and had many favorite childhood dolls, some of which I purchased and replaced for her. She played with her Barbies so much that only one Ken doll(and a Luke Skywalker doll) survived. But her favorite childhood Barbie doll was Malibu PJ. Unfortunately, as I said, she was played with far too much and had to be thrown away long before I came along, but I still have her original Malibu Ken! PJ is very excited to be reunited with him.

I'm very happy with her and excited for her to be here. She's the oldest Barbie I have and it's so fascinating comparing her to dolls that came a bit later.

Also, it's technically fall now, but it was still 96 degrees today, so I can't blame her too much for going out in a swimsuit!
That's so sweet. I'm sorry about your mom. sad I only know of her from your posts over the years, but she's always seemed like such a nice lady. :'(
Almost a year already. I remember when you posted. Hugs Heart 2
What a lovely gift from your friend. She looks all settled in, and I wish it was 96 here too!!
Do share some more pix of her.