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Full Version: Daily Photo Thread
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Buzzingbumblebee: That dress is adorable!

Byronic: I love that color blue on him. I've had my William in a boring brown fur, maybe I should reconsider that choice. There's fur wig patterns here, it says its for Tibetan lambskin but it works equally well with faux fur:
I haven't made the 8.5 size, so you might need to make it slightly larger for a Tae head. I've been making some fur wigs, too. Mostly for the new msd guy, but Enki needed a better fur. I chopped up a Monstro wig I hated for his previous one and there wasn't quite enough to cover his head. But now he has a nice full wig of floofy goodness.
[Image: 13134036694_2f647f246e_z.jpg]
 photo A0D82509-5C7B-4D2F-A752-E457FEABAF6D.jpg

Alanna loves her new hat!
I've missed Enki. He's so adorable, and you've styled him perfectly. I kind of like making fur wigs because it's so quick and easy. It makes me feel super accomplished. Where do you get your fur from CFB?

Severity, where'd you find that hat??? It's so cute! And that little cow. My Laura would be very jealous, they are her favorite animals.
Aww, I love that the hate matches her outfit! She looks so cute in it. ^^
Cute hat! Even her little cow is color coordinated.

Byronic: I've bought most of my fur from everafterfabrics on Etsy:
Oooh, where did that red shaggy Mongolian come from! I may have to order some more. LOL
I bought the hat from Vanie. smile
I just had to pose her on my (quite neglected) altar, because of all the orange. The cow is actually a puzzle eraser; I bought her at Five Below, last year I think? I love cows that aren't the typical black & white, so when I found a little orange cow, I had to have it!

I think the next time I go to my mom's house I'm going to bring Alanna and do a photoshoot in my mom's bathroom (of all places) so she can pose with all of my mom's orange stuff!
Here's a pic with my new Twilight Sparkle (looooove her) and Coco trying one of the new wigs. This pic just melts me grin.
[Image: 13136586533_6034e3466b.jpg]
Twilight is here grin by Buzzingbumblebee, on Flickr
Oh, they are so cute! I'm not the hugest fan of the g4 ponies but I love anything translucent and sparkly!!
Congrats on getting your pony, Buzzingbumblebee! Coco looks great in her new wig.

@ Byronic & CB - Thank you for answers and links! I'll be trying my hands on making some wigs soon. I was having hard time finding a fur wig for one of my SD boys. I wanted it red but everything I found was either right colour but too short and too small or pinky red, which I didn't like for him.
I'll just hunt down fake fur I like and make it myself.
Thank you both <3. The wig is so good quality, I'm really happy I spent a bit more on it. I have so many wigs that are thin so you can see through the hair :/. This one is so thick and soft :3.

I hope you manage to find the right fur for your needs martah ^-^.
Jack and George take a bath for the Dal House Forum monthly banner contest. This is an alternate pose.
[Image: 13180828575_17636a116b_z.jpg]
What a super cute photo Cornflower <3. Love it ^-^. That gave me a idea actually. I have a bunch of My Little Pony playsets, and my G1 ones are quite suitable for some of my tiny bjd dolls. I should put together a pic with my Scrub a dub tub, my fav set, and my only childhood set :3. It also reminds me I should be on the lookout for a couple of playsets I still need, like lavender dream castle (would be absolutely fab for my dollies as well) and paradise estate smile.
[Image: 13208987864_844e31e6a5_z.jpg]
Some green for St. Patrick's day.

[Image: 13226553765_56a95f7826.jpg]
Aack! She's so cute! I've got to get a Froggy before she sells out.

[Image: 13228534983_dfb1e555f8_z.jpg]
Lil' Fairy Maid Lipu has been busy vacuuming.