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Full Version: ~dargosmydaddy's a-doll-a-week 2022~
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Malibu top melted the snow LOL

His hair it so cool.
Quote:Has spring sprung? Or is this a calm before the next storm?

Apparently the latter...

Week nine

[Image: 100040920_7106d7f8b14ba5d2aa13e705325b0f12_large.jpg]
With his green spring colours jacket, he looks a little disappointed about the snow.
While I’m not a huge fan of Isuls, I’ve always liked this one’s eyes.
(I won’t tell you how my phone dictation translated Isul. xp )
It appears that spring has not sprung and he's particularly unimpressed by it.
Spring was promised - and failed to materialise. No wonder he's annoyed!
Week ten
At least it's not snowing?

[Image: 100414077_5fc4bad73923b7b1d17df32bd4e8ef64_large.jpg]
Yay! Let’s go jump in puddles!
At least it's not snowing... yet?

Fun contrast between the colorful raincoat and the grey damp day.
Always look on the bright side.
Week eleven

[Image: 100756000_1d141426295e1dbf40134bd6145cd670_large.jpg]
Antique postcard?

Fine photo for this fine day!
Cute background with the shamrocks. Is it a scarf?
Quote:Antique postcard?
Quote:Cute background with the shamrocks. Is it a scarf?

The whole thing is a patchwork (fabric) placemat, though the center fabric is definitely based on an antique postcard.

Week twelve
The snow seems to be behind us (though I probably shouldn't say that, as we got some as recently as a week ago...), but March is definitely still windy!

[Image: 101139314_b11612281ff6b539c14c4f6fe2885d04_large.jpg]
Ooo, she's pretty. I like the light streaks in her hair.
Like Alliecat, I love those highlights in her hair! That's really, really cool!
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