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Full Version: ~dargosmydaddy's a-doll-a-week 2022~
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Aw, cute! He looks like he's really absorbed in the music. I love seeing the little musical instruments that are available, and it's interesting to see that an AG size works with Grooves. I think you did a good job balancing! I'm always grumbling in the midst of setups, "90% of doll photography is staging..." I use tape often too. I always try to remember to take a chopstick or knitting needle for standing them outdoors. Otherwise I'm hunting for sticks.
It would be fun to see it as a Dal cello too.

(05-02-2022, 04:10 AM)dargosmydaddy Wrote: [ -> ]I would go for that! We could go on picture-taking expeditions together smile You might have to send me back in winter, though...
Ah, that would be awesome. I would love a dolly-photo-ex!pedition friend grin
Winter is when one resorts to indoor setups and messing with lighting...
And perhaps then some of your crew with their new instruments would join some of mine with their guitars to make a band LOL
Violin and guitar would make a great start to a country western band, and your boy's shirt would fit that genre as well! Find him a hat and yeeee haw! It's square dance time!
He looks like he's going really well. We find that the Our Generation and Journey Girls stuff can be repurposed for Pullips with a little work.
He looks so intent on creating music there, and it doesn't look too oversized in comparison.

We have quite a few Our Generation / Journey Girls (same size as American Girl) props, they do look a bit big compared to the Barbie-sized ones, but not too awful.
Quote:We have quite a few Our Generation / Journey Girls (same size as American Girl) props, they do look a bit big compared to the Barbie-sized ones, but not too awful.

I've been eyeing up some of their instruments on ebay...

Week nineteen
Back to outdoors and windswept...

[Image: 103850824_46afa4c19ef68c27764eb6d87de2ff7f_large.jpg]
Wow, look how green everything is.
He looks like he's enjoying a fresh cool spring breeze.
Green eyes, green foliage... and wavy windblown hair? Is he auditioning for an Irish Spring soap commercial?
That’s some hair!
Love the matching eyes to the background - and his hair is marvellous too.
Quote:Wow, look how green everything is.

I did play around with the saturation a bit, but things are greening up quite nicely in the past few weeks.

And pinking up...

Week twenty

[Image: 104200656_6df10091b95b090eccae6103019d8ecf_large.jpg]
Oh, WOW!!! What a glorious profusion of flowers. Azaleas are one more thing I can’t have because of the deer. And as always, your model has a little colour coordination to go along with the background. Very pretty!
That is amazing, the backdrop of flowers is stunning.
To build on what Alliecat said, that is a profusion of pink petals! Pretty the way the eye shadow color picks up the pinkness!
Week twenty-one
Sadly the azalea flowers are already withering (several days of 90+ temperatures seem to have hastened that), so we've moved the photo shoot to the weigela instead... This little lady is a new arrival and doesn't have a name yet. She's a Barbie Extra Mini who came on my radar thanks to an Instagram post by goche.crafts (aka our old friend Offgemini). I'm not normally a big Barbie person, but I really like these little dolls (and their articulated bodies). I will probably have to get her a friend at some point!

[Image: 104586210_e7119e8d20f0dcb70ca73d949fd53013_large.jpg]
Pretty brown eyes!
Another nice floral setting.
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