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Full Version: ~dargosmydaddy's a-doll-a-week 2022~
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Aahhh, she's so cute. She's on my "short list".
Cute shirt. The light coloured hair and dark eyes are a great contrast.
Quote:Aahhh, she's so cute. She's on my "short list".

I really hope you find one!

Week twenty-eight

[Image: 106975596_b858a612df6f9543e64644ae22b6810a_large.jpg]
Looks like your long-haired lad has found his version of a floral paradise!

Are you sure you don't live in Hawaii? Or Fiji? Or Bermuda?
Warm sunshine and flowers is a good start on paradise.
He's a custom, isn't he?
He looks a wee bit apprehensive; makes me wonder what he's looking at LOL
He's super good-looking grin Pink suits him.
Quote:Are you sure you don't live in Hawaii? Or Fiji? Or Bermuda?

If I did a wider shot you'd see the dying marigolds, suburban shrubbery, and all around New Jersey-ness...

Quote:He's a custom, isn't he?

He is!

Week twenty-nine
After flash flooding (but moderate temperatures) yesterday, it's supposed to be in the mid-nineties the rest of the week... ice cream, anyone?
(I still haven't gotten around to getting some Blu Tack, but I'm hoping all the scotch tape I used to get them to hold the cones kind of looks like napkins?)

[Image: 107145699_1367449cb3f29a676dc45d08c586c95e_large.jpg]
Ha ha, I hate having to use tape to get them to hold things. Mine never sticks very well and the items usually drop just as I get ready to click the shutter!
What cute little ice creams!
Flash flooding, wow, hope you didn’t have damage.
Yup, totally looks like napkins! I would not have questioned it if you hadn't said anything. In fact, I would have been impressed by your attention to detail.

In 90+ degree heat (32+ degrees Celsius), I don't know that blu-tac would hold any better than tape.

Another option -- which, unfortunately, also becomes very soft and less effective in temps over 90/32, is museum wax:

Museum wax is non staining and can be removed fairly easily. It can even be re-used. I've been using museum wax for sticking things to dolls since an online friend recommended it several years ago.

Anyway, I wish I were hanging out with the cool guys enjoying a cold ice cream right now.
Quote:Flash flooding, wow, hope you didn’t have damage.

The street looked like a river for a couple hours, and the water crept halfway across the lawn, but no flooding in the basement, so everything worked out OK. I was just glad I was home and didn't need to be anywhere.

Quote:Another option -- which, unfortunately, also becomes very soft and less effective in temps over 90/32, is museum wax

That looks interesting! I might give it a go.
Week thirty
I mentioned my one-and-only Blythe in the Rainbow High thread, so I figured it's about time she made an appearance here.

I've eyeballed Blythes multiple times over the years... in fact I think it was looking at Blythes that first led me to Pullips, which has led to quite a collection. Actual Blythes kind of creep me out (sometimes) or just leave me feeling "meh," but I find some of the customs really lovely. Usually when I have one of my brief "maybe I should get a custom Blythe" kicks, I never find one I like that is even remotely affordable, but last July I stumbled upon one I loved on ebay, and was shocked when I ended up winning her. She's a secondhand girl by a Malaysian customizer called AmberDolls, and I got her for half of what her new dolls are going for on Etsy!

I can't get her eyes to switch (there were pictures of them facing each direction in the ebay listing, so clearly it was possible at some point...), but I really love the pair that's showing at the moment, so I don't particularly care. I find Blythe's heads/ neck position to be odd; it's kind of like they're permanently looking down (I don't mean the eyes, just that the head is slightly downcast). Apparently there is a neck adapter you can buy so they can tilt upward, but that sounds more complicated to install than I think I'm up for. So overall, I'm still convinced of the superiority of Pullip, especially for picture-taking purposes, but I like having Zara here (and am still hopeful I'll get her a friend someday).

[Image: 107628388_36438daa85183a7ca4c4008d3369d0de_large.jpg]
WOW, look at that fabulous hair!! She is cute. I feel the same way… I mostly do not like Blythes, the stock ones anyway, and have never seen the appeal of the shiny faces with no eyebrows, and no articulation in the arms and legs, how can they cost that much? However, I have also seen a few customs that I thought were really cute, and even one or two that I would like to have had if they were affordable.
Congrats on your unex!pected win smile
I agree with Alliecat, that hair is fabulous! And the combination of the hair, the faceup, and the side glancing eyes results in perhaps the first Blythe I have seen that I can agree is cute. You are fortunate to have found such a nice example!
Week thirty-one

[Image: 107954612_ed23d59b22f71f83043381d623c10876_large.jpg]
Such pretty blue eyes.
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